Russian warplanes bomb a gas plant linked to mercenaries of Hayat Tahir Al-Sham in Idlib

 A Russian warplane carried out raids on the gas plant and its surroundings belonging to the “Watad” company and a building and a  station in the vicinity of Sarmada, on the border with the Iskenderun Brigade in Idlib countryside.

According to the sources of the Syrian Observatory, the targeted buildings and facilities are managed by people close to the so-called “Salvation Government” and mercenaries of HTS, which led to the outbreak of a large fire in one of the targeted sites.

 The warplanes also bombed the village of Kafr Shalaya, near the city of Ariha in Idlib countryside, without any information about casualties until now.

 The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had previously detected that a long-range missile fell on the vicinity of the Salwa area in the northern countryside of Idlib, at the border with the Iskenderun Brigade, and there was no information until now about the source of the missile, whether it was from the warships in the Syrian coast or the Hmeimim base. There is no information about the number of casualties yet, as the missile fell on the military headquarters of the factions. It is reported that the area contains a large number of camps that house displaced persons from various Syrian regions.



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