Turkey's goal is to expand occupation in neighboring countries

The joint president of Kobani canton's council Marwa Derrei has noted that the Turkish state's hostile policy towards the Kurdish people in not new, alluding that it aims to apply the Ottoman policy to the people of the area and expand its occupation in the neighboring countries.

The Turkish occupation is still ongoing to threat the people of north and east of Syria to launch attacks on the region, threatening to establish a "buffer zone," describing the people in the area as terrorists. In this regard, our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) interviewed with the joint president of Kobani canton's council Marwa Derrei.

Marwa has noted that the Turkish occupation state is practicing the policy of the Ottoman Empire against the people of the region, especially its practices in Afrin.

And added, "The Turkish state's threats on the north and east of Syria will not undermine our will and determination, but will further increase our determination to implement the democratic nation's project and the co-existence among all components."

Marwa noted that since the beginning of Rojava Revolution, the Turkish state has been seeking to destabilize security and stability, and hit the peoples' fraternity fabric in the region in various ways, notably its support for Daesh mercenaries and sending them to the area.

Marwa stressed the necessity to establish a court to try the mercenaries who practiced terrorism in the region and added, "After the defeat of Daesh mercenaries, the whole world must move to establish an international tribunal to eliminate the mercenaries in full."

And she concluded her speech saying, "We will not allow the Turkish occupation to go too far, and we will defend the land which was watered with the blood of our children."



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