​​​​​​​ Politicians:  Unless Kurdish unity is in place now, it not to be achieved later

Kurdish politicians stated if the unity is not achieved now, it will not be achieved later. They stressed on the need for the Kurdish National Council to consider the status being well, and praised the recent calls of Ocalan to unite Kurdish ranks and Kurdish political movements.

All the eyes of the Kurds in Rojava are on the initiative of the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces to unite the Kurdish ranks to prevent the risks and plans against the region, the initiative that will likely end disputes among the Kurdish forces in Rojava, and form a unified political reference.

"There are many attempts and initiatives to achieve a Kurdish-Kurdish rapprochement. As Kurdish political forces, we support the commander-in-chief of the SDF, Mazloum Abdi's initiative, "Abdul Karim Siko, the secretary of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) –Syria said.

"ENKS should consider the status being well rather than accuse the Autonomous Administration of the authority of the fait accompli," he said, adding that there is no better project than the Autonomous Administration's project for the region.

Siko said it is necessary to unite the Kurdish ranks to preserve the gains of the recent years thanks to the blood of martyrs.

The leader Ocalan's message is important for unifying the Kurdish ranks and Kurdistan political movements.

Siko praised Ocalan's call during his last telephone conversation with his family on April 27- he called on the Kurdish forces to work on the basis of 1982 agreement which urges the Kurdish unity. "Ocalan's message is absolutely necessary, and we see it as a step in the right direction. These views and treatises are not the heat of the moment, they are important for unifying the Kurdish ranks and Kurdistan political movements," he said.

"Turkey has 28 military bases in Başûr to create strife among the Kurdish forces sought by Turkey, Iran and Baghdad," he said, adding that the Kurdish forces can rely on Ocalan's message to solve the complex crises created by the colonial powers for pushing to Kurdish-Kurdish fighting.

"We are on the pretty strong stuff. All the regimes of the area are hostile towards the Kurds because we have visions and a democratic cause based on equality. We call on all to recognize the rights of other components alike in building pluralistic Syria to end sectarian and racial differences," he said.



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