​​​​​​​Kamal Akaf: If there's hope for a solution, it's AANES

Spokesman for the Foreign Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Kamal Akaf, explained that the forces on the Syrian lands do not desire to solve the Syrian conflict, they see AANES’ project as a threat to their interests, adding” "If there is a solution to the Syrian crisis, it is AANES."

Diplomatic efforts to ensure official recognition of the AANES non- stop, in which the AANES intensified its regional and international relations following the decision of the Basque Parliament.

ISIS/ Daesh attacks in Hasakah and Turkish state attacks in north and east Syria have once again shown that the solution to the Syrian crisis is to recognize AANES.

Kamal Akaf noted that formal recognition of AANES would have a positive impact on the whole of Syria. However, the forces on the scene do not want to resolve the Syrian crisis and therefore continue to campaign to distort AANES.

He warned Kamal Akaf about the post – ISIS/Daesh attack in Hasakah and said: "If ISIS could achieve its goals in Hasakah, everyone would face this danger."

ANHA interviewed with the spokesman for the Foreign Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Kamal Akaf, reads as follows:

Why don't international powers recognize AANES?

Since the first day of the Syrian crisis, there’s on the ground only project is represented by AANES, owing to deepening of the Syrian crisis and the presence of large number of the local and international forces on the scene, many problems had been emerged, Turkish state and others forces are the main reason in deepening the Syrian crisis, there’s another issue is the international legal system, the decision is being discussed with Western Countries, all say AANES’ principles are based on the democratic and pluralism that can grant the chance in establishing new hope, but its recognition is linked to the resolution of the Syrian crisis. That is, it is difficult to formally recognize this draft resolution because of the international law system until the Syrian crisis is resolved.

The main goal is to receive the recognition of the AANES. So, we are struggling in developing the democracy solution of the Syrian crisis and establishment of AANES on these bases.


What impact will recognition of AANES have on the forces in Syria and their location?

The forces on the scene do not want the Syrian crisis resolved. If everyone looks at this project as a solution to the Syrian crisis, it will have a direct positive impact on Syria's unity and security. It also ensures the advancement of equality and democracy. Because the current Powers do not want these developments to take place, they see AANES as a threat to their interests and as a shitty scheme against them. Although the AANES has expressed its desire for Syria to remain united and has shown openness to dialogue with all components, it is seen as a "separatist" force. In short, recognition of AANES will have a positive impact on everyone, but the forces on the scene do not want to.


How did the international forces react after the ISIS attack in Hasakah and the recent Turkish state attacks?

Hasakah and Turkish attacks on Derik, Makhmur and Shengal are parts of the same scheme, the aim of reviving ISIS in the region in favour of political interest in particular, Turkish state. On the other hand, Turks sought to complete what ISIS could not do in Hasakah. Everyone has hard proof that Turkey is seeking to intensify the terrorism on the region, it was obvious during the recent attacks on Geweran Prison was planned in Turkish occupied areas.

Can attacks be prevented if AANES is recognized?

After the failure of the ISIS plan in Hasakah, we sent diplomatic messages in order to support the Autonomous Administration in all political, economic, logistical and military fields. If this support is not provided, the threat of ISIS will increase. Recognizing and supporting the Autonomous Administration will not only positively affect the fight against ISIS but also create confidence and peace in the region.

When everyone fled from ISIS and wanted to end it, then support was provided to the Syrian Democratic Forces and ISIS ended militarily. But this support was not sufficiently sustained, and Hasakah incident is the result of this matter. Recognizing the Autonomous Administration is a fundamental necessity to end terrorism in the region, democracy and peace in all of Syria.

What works are you doing to be recognized by the Autonomous Administration? And at what level do you continue?

Recognizing the Autonomous Administration is the basis of our plans for 2022. In its general meeting, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria decided to engage in political procedures at the diplomatic level and official recognition. I repeat once again, if the Autonomous Administration is not recognized, the whole of Syria will face dangers. On the one hand, there is the occupying Turkish state, which supports the mercenaries, supports ISIS, and changes the demographics of the region, and on the other hand, there are the forces that benefit from the continuation of the Syrian crisis. Despite all this, the Syrian future remains bleak. If we are going to talk about a hope for a solution to the Syrian crisis, it is within the recognition of the Autonomous Administration. Those who want a solution should support the Autonomous Administration.



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