On August 18, the second anniversary of the martyrdom of the martyr Botan Turkman, one of the most prominent military leaders who took part in several battles in North Syria and the most important battle in Manbij city . This day we will talk about the biography of one of the leaders who were fighters of the fronts

He knew that the idea of the leader of the peoples, Abdullah Ocelan, was the way to salvation, and that the war when the bell rang in Syria had a special impact on his ears that the duty to defend his cause has come.

True Name is Ali Salah al-Din Bish Alo, whose nom de guerre is Botan Turkmani , was born in Botan in 1993 in the village of Shawa, located 30 km north of the city of al-Bab, of the Kurdish component.he lived in a national family, simple in the ways of living depends on the village on the basis of agriculture and livestock,his family consist of  13 people father and mother, 5 young men and 6 daughters, ranking sixth between his siblings and his eldest 3 young men and women. He has his special status among the family members.

He studied elementary and middle school in the village of Shawa, then completed secondary school in the city of Aleppo and moved away from his village and his family, to study in al-Hullak neighborhood  in Ibn Sina secondary school, while he was completing his studies was his siblings  who grow up have started work in the fields of craft Kun That they did not continue the study, the martyr Botan received the certificate of the Baccalaureate literary branch, and that had been the first events in Syria, which prevented him from completing the study, despite his love for study this events forced him to leave school .

He decided to join, he had close knowledge of many fighters in the Kurdish front, and in 2012 he joined the Kurdish front in Shawa to receive the first training there, after joining chose name of  Botan Turkman as nom de guerre , the goal was to keep his family out of danger and then he headed toward Afrin to receive training for two months, intended to Aleppo to stay there in the frontsline of Sheikh Maksoud the same year.

In 2013, he fought in al-Shahba Dam against Turkey 's gangs he and his comrades were besieged in the area, where he was wounded. However, he was transferred to his home in the village of Shawa, which was under the control of Turkish-backed mercenaries. His father sent him to his brother Darwish who is  Residing in Turkey, Darwish is his second brother in the family hierarchy who split from the regime forces from the city of al-Raqqa.

Six months later, he returned to Afrin to complete the journey. In 2014, he returned from a support against IS. A group in Tel- Rifat arrested him. The period of his detention lasted eight months. He was captured by exchanging prisoners with Jabhit al-Nusra .The elder sibling belonged to Asayish Afrin, and their brother Hussein joined to al-Shahba forces.

One of al-Bab Military Council 's leaders

It took place in many areas, including Sheikh Maksoud,  al-Holl, al-Shadadi, Sereen , Ain Issa, al-Shahba Dam, Tishreen dam and Manbij City 's Liberation campaign and its countryside, before Manbij city's liberation a day .Al-Bab Military Council was formed he was among of the leaders in this council  

Martyr Botan knew of his heroic positions. A number of the fighters who accompanied him in several battles remembered how he fought in al-Shahba Dam when he was trapped in al-Shahba Dam and a number of fighters went to lift the siege on him and his companions. He asked Botan to leave first and he said: Either we die together or we survive together, in that epic he was wounded

As his comrades remember one of the positions in Tishrin Dam, where a bulldozer designed to explode was carrying four barrels of explosives, a number of fighters were besieged and asked for support from the martyr Botan . Upon the arrival of the martyr Botan he joined the ranks of the resistance and said: "Our fate is one and we will not abandon One inch of the land we liberated, no matter what the price.

All the fighters were gathered in al-Muhtark village, and the martyr Botan ordered them preparation to go forward in the village of al-Kharfiya, and at night everyone was ready. The campaign they were planning to liberate the first village called al-Kharfiya Sakhira began, and the next morning everyone arrived Kharifya Khbira  village.

At 10 am, he was sitting with the fighters to give them signs of progress. He heard the sound of a speeding car coming from the direction of the seam lines. Their cars were not moving in this way. He said to the comrades around him: "There is a sound," they have not heard him, booby trapped vehicle headed towards their position. The martyr went out to the door and saw the car He said with a loud voice: "Stand down." Before he finished speaking, the car blew up 20 meters away from the building in which everyone was killed and the victim was wounded

It was on the 18 of August 2016, where the fighter was martyred  after barvely resisting

His father received the news of his martyrdom.said "I received a call from Turkey from his brother Darwish, in which I learned that Botan  injured Our village was under domination of IS  .An hour later, Darwish called me back to tell me that he had  martyred "I received the news patiently and said:" God, for the sake of the safety of the country and its companions.

After his family arrived in the city of Manbij, his younger sibling Mohammad, joined the ranks of Manbij Military Council. We did not have a talk with his mother because she died of suffering from a disease on May 24, when her heart stopped beating under surgery.

Salah al-Din, martyr's fahter , spoke about his son's martyrdom in his hometown by telephone from his village of Tel -Ghazal: "My father, we want nothing but home and safety, we will go to the city of al- Bab after Manbij city 's  liberation  "After the city of Manbij will be liberated, I will not ask about my life."

He concluded by saying: "If we do not offer our children, how will injustice be removed from us?"

The martyr Botan Turkmani, was buried at the grave of the Martyr Dijla in Kobani city at a solemn funeral ceremony held on 21 August 2016. He was 23 years old, with two martyrs of Manbih Military Council fighters. Rizgar Bîtnam True name is Marwan Sheikho and Jumhan Kobani True name is Jumhan Ahemed Who lost their lives in the second stage of Manbij city's liberation  campaign, which under name of the martyr Faisal Abo Leila..