Omar: Turkey's trafficking of ISIS from al-Hol is irrefutable evidence of its support for ISIS

Abdul Karim Omar explained that the trafficking operation carried out by the Turkish intelligence "MIT" is irrefutable evidence to the strong relationship between ISIS mercenaries and Turkey, He said: "The Turkish media published the news of the trafficking operation of this woman, it is a message to ISIS mercenary cells that I am still supporting you."

The official Turkish media and spokesperson for the Justice and Development Party in Turkey revealed that the Turkish intelligence managed to smuggle a Moldovan citizen and her 4 children from the families of ISIS mercenaries from al-Hol camp, al-Hol camp located 45 km east of the city of al-Hasakah. More than 65,000 people live among the displaced and refugees, most of whom are from ISIS mercenary families.

The co-chair of the Foreign Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Abdul Karim Omar, stated that the Turkish intelligence confessed to smuggling a Moldovan woman and 4 children from ISIS families confirming the relationship between ISIS mercenaries and the Turkish state, which we said earlier.

Abdul Karim Omar confirmed that they have information that all of the ISIS mercenary women who were smuggled are present in Turkey, and he said: “The concerned authorities who arrested a number of ISIS mercenary women who tried to escape from al-Hol camp recently confirmed that they were heading to Turkey.”

׳ ISIS mercenaries smuggled one of the targets of the Turkish occupation's attacks on NE, Syria ׳

Abdul Karim Omar drew attention to the fact that one of the most recent targets of the Turkish occupation’s attacks on the areas of north and east Syria is the smuggling of ISIS mercenaries and their families. He said: "At the beginning of the attacks, the Turkish occupation targeted the Ain Issa camp, which included hundreds of families of ISIS mercenaries, hundreds of whom were smuggled and headed to Turkey. The occupation also targeted a prison in the Kobani area, where there were the most dangerous women of ISIS mercenaries, and some of them also fled."

And Abdul Karim Omar said that what has been mentioned is irrefutable evidence on the extent of the relationship between ISIS mercenaries and the Turkish occupation, as it indicates the existence of a well-studied Turkey plan regarding women who are being smuggled for exploiting in its future political projects.

The woman, who was smuggled by the intelligence services and called by the Turkish media, "Natalia Barkal", traveled to Syria with her husband in 2013, was received by senior officials of the Turkish authorities.

A support message for ISIS mercenaries ׳

And Abdul Karim Omar pointed out that the woman who was smuggled from al-Hol camp is one of the women of the ISIS mercenaries who organized themselves inside the camp, and formed what is called "al-Hisbah", and raised a new generation based on terrorist and revenge thought, and he said: "And Turkish journalist published, the news of the trafficking operation of this woman, is a message to ISIS mercenary cells that I am still supporting you.

Omar added that the Turkish occupation had not abandoned ISIS, and said: "After the defeat of ISIS mercenaries in its last stronghold of al-Baghuz, hundreds of ISIS elements went to the areas occupied by Turkey, and they were involved in the recent attacks on Serêkaniyê and Tel-Abyed under new names, and some of them had been sent to fight in Libya as well."

Omar mentioned that they had made clear to the international community and the whole world that thousands of ISIS mercenaries entered Syria via the Turkish-Syrian border, and said: "The border was open to the entry of ISIS mercenaries to Syria, and ISIS was receiving treatment in Turkish hospitals, and there were commercial relations between the two parties. "

Omar continued: "Here I would like to point out an important topic and the International Coalition is aware of this, too, during the campaigns of the Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS mercenaries and during the crackdown on mercenaries in a region, Turkey begins launching attacks on the north and east of Syria, after the liberation of al-Raqqa and launched attacks on Afrin, while cracking down on ISIS mercenaries in al-Baghuz, attacks were launched on the areas of Serêkaniyê and Tel-Abyed."

Omar explained that the international community did not fulfill its duty even after the defeat of ISIS, and said: "Now there are thousands of ISIS mercenary detainees and their families and the international community did not provide any assistance to us in this regard, neither in terms of forming a court to prosecute the mercenaries, nor any support within the detention camps and camps either. In particular, al-Hol camp, which is the most dangerous camp in the whole world. "



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