Muslim: Parties use Daesh for launching attacks on north, east Syria

The Official of the Relations Committee in the Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim made clear the importance of the message of the leader of the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan to resolve the Syrian crisis, and stressed that there were parties used Daesh mercenaries for launching terrorist attacks on the areas of north and east of Syria.

The Official of the Relations Committee in the Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim said in an interview held by Turkish opposition network "Art Karjak," "New stage started after the eradication of Daesh mercenaries by virtue of SDF's fighters in al-Baguz town, which aims to eradicate IS' ideology and eliminate the remnants of Daesh sleeper cells, in particular in the west of the Euphrates River where the Russian and regime forces exist." He also pointed out, "The campaign launched by SDF recently had positive results, as it was able to arrest many sleeper cells, and the campaign continues with increased scrutiny on the Iraqi-Syrian borders to avoid the entry of mercenaries to the Syrian territory."

He added, "There are many parties that use Daesh mercenaries against the north and east of Syria to carry out suicide operations and target the civilians with booby-trapped vehicles, and at the head of those parties that use the mercenaries is Turkey, and time has come to stand up to Turkey and put an end to it."

Muslim rejected the Turkish aggression, and said, "The appeals of leader Ocalan to Turkey were a clear message, so Turkey must stay away from the policy of "good Kurdish is dead Kurdish" and must respect the will of the people."

The Kurdish people's leader, Abdullah Ocalan, said in late May through his meeting with his lawyers that he was ready to provide solutions to the Syrian crisis, and he focused on the need to move away from the war as a way of resolution.




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