This came in a statement made by the spokesman for SDC Amjad Othman in response to the statements of Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem, in which Othman said,

“In a press conference gathered the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem with his Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim al-Jafari, al-Moallem discussed the situations in the eastern of the Euphrates, considering that it does not comply with the Syrian constitution. The Syrian government's goal after Idlib is the east of the Euphrates. In this regard, we clarify the following,

We have confirmed in previous statements that the reason for impeding the talks with Damascus is because of the prior restrictions and narrow borders set by Damascus government for this dialogue and our rejection of the accusations of ceasing the foreign forces is behind obstructing the talks. We called on the government in Damascus to show more flexibility in order to reach national formulas for the political solution.

The statements of al-Moallem confirm the disability of this constitution to absorb the changes. We believe that the Syrian current constitution needs to be reviewed and discussed and that it ignores the developments after seven years of the crisis and the great sacrifices made by the Syrian people for the change. We also believe that one of the reasons that produced the crisis in Syria is remaining the Syrian constitution without a deep review and disregarding the democratic aspirations of the Syrian people.

On the other hand, we affirm that we do not believe in the military solution and we were not involved in any armed conflict against the Syrian government and that SDF are defensive forces that defend themselves against any attack. Furthermore, the threat’s language used by officials in the Syrian government does not serve the solution in Syria and undermines the movement towards dialogue.”