Hawar news agency met with the head of al-Shahba branch of Future Syria Party Alaa al-Din al-Khalid to discuss the bilateral agreements between Russia and Turkey in Sochi on the situation of Idlib.

"The tripartite summit between Putin, Erdogan and Rohani in Tehran was a consequence of Astana," he said. "The summit seems to have failed and has not been presented to the tripartite summit."

Al-Khalid pointed out that after the failure of the summit, Russia wanted to get rid of the dilemma of Idlib "So it resorted to the Security Council and the subsequent meeting of the Security Council, demanding the cessation of military actions and bombings on Idlib."

A bilateral agreement to keep Turkey in Idlib

He pointed out that Russia and Turkey have resorted to this special agreement between them, the establishment of a buffer zone between the regime forces and the mercenary gangs in Idlib, "and this area will be demilitarized and Turkey undertakes to withdraw all heavy weapons from the terrorist factions in Idlib and its countryside."

"It seems that international and regional interests collided with regard to the fight against terrorism and the liberation of some regional countries and parties to the international conflict of the umbrella of decision 2254, and there are other parties to the conflict as if to say to the Russians we are also in the Syrian arena."

Sending mercenaries to Afrin to change demographics

The Turkish goal is that Turkey was unable to withdraw the terrorist and mercenary gangs. "Secondly, Turkey wants to carry out its systematic policy against the people of Afrin and to transfer the terrorist gangs from Idlib to Afrin. A good example is the entry of the mercenaries of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham to the village of Deir Balut of Janders area at Afrin canton under the supervision of the Turkish MIT, to conduct a systematic demographic change in Afrin.

Turkey's goal is not about the revolution but about the Kurdish people

"Terrorism will be defeated, there is no place for terrorism in any geographical area of ​​Syria, Syria for all Syrians, and Syria has become a stage for operations to achieve the interests of these countries on Syrian territory, at the expense of the people's blood," said Alaa al-Din al-Khalid".