Syrian opponent: AANES is the best management model in Syria

The Syrian opponent and coordinator of the Syrian Secular Democratic Rally in As- Suwayda province explained that the AANES model is the best management model in Syria and has made a qualitative leap at all levels.

AANES project that not seeks to establish new state and demolish the old state, but it seeks to change the society to entity that can rule itself, solving its problems by its own administration in this way can to make balance with the state, as well as, the AANES regulates the latent and living capabilities of its social nature, monitors them, ensures the functioning of society and guarantees its food and security.

This idea is based on the democratic philosophy of the nation of leader Abdullah Ocalan in his arguments, particularly in the case "The Sociology of Freedom," in which he emphasized that this model is not confined only to Kurd, but is the ideal model for solving all the problems of the Middle East, and asserts that the model of the nation-State does not fit into the formative nature of Middle Eastern societies.

Leader Ocalan says: "If the democratic nation is a soul, then the Democratic Autonomous Administration is its body, just as the body should not be without a soul, so the soul cannot be without a body, and thus, the democratic nation cannot be without Democratic Autonomous Administration, nor is the Democratic Autonomous Administration without the democratic nation.

AANES is the best management model '

On the experience of AANES, Syrian opponent and coordinator of the Syrian Secular Democratic Rally, Samir Azzam, spoke to ANHA, "The experience of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has provided a unique and successful military model by defending their areas, starting with the People's and Women's Protection Units YPG, YPJ, and hence the Syrian Democratic Forces, in which the people of those regions were able to confront the terrorist invaders, and their military victory culminated in the crushing Islamic caliphate of ISIS and burial its last stronghold in al-Bagouz town."

He went to say that: "The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has provided an administrative model that is best compared to the regime's control areas and the Syrian occupied areas of the Turkish enemy, but is weak in some respects."

Syrian political opponent considered that the principle of brotherhood of peoples was entirely true: "In any just, stable and secure homeland, without the fraternity of peoples, the European, American and other prosperous countries would not have been stable, developed and prosperous."

He stressed that the women under AANES custody had achieved a qualitative leap, in which participated at all levels in the society such as, administratively, culturally and military sectors, but it is still limited politically, the fact that Syria is witnessing a state of war, and a deep national crisis, which requires participation in making political decisions with all components throughout Syria, especially those who believe in democracy, pluralism and the brotherhood of peoples.

 The reasons of the exacerbation the crisis

 Azzam also addressed the causes of the worsening crisis and the failure of the parties to reach a solution in the interests of all Syrians, for two main reasons: "The first, throughout the period of dictatorships, tyranny and exclusion from 1958 to 2011 and the resulting abolition of politics, culture and injustice, eventually led to the explosion of the crisis. It was an explosion without politics and politicians, without culture and intellectuals, when it happened. "

The second, according to Azzam, is the emergence of the military and political landscape by both parties to the autocrats "regime, sectarian militias, coalition and its terrorist factions," which have fought a devastating Berber epoch-conflict. When they were unable to resolve the conflict in their favour, they each engaged in foreign military intervention, turning Syria into an arena for militarily intervening States to realize their national aspirations and dreams at the expense of Syria and Syrians. "

Following: "This has prevented the parties to the Syrian conflict from coming together to find a solution to the Syrian crisis. Even prevented them from meeting any dialogue or negotiation to resolve the crisis. The Astana, Russia and Iran axis their followers decided to take a course to resolve the crisis contrary to international legitimacy and the relevant Security Council resolutions, and proceeded to trade-offs in Syrian territory among themselves to serve their illegal interests. "



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