Severe drought threatens Euphrates River

ANHA monitored, with pictures and video, the miserable conditions that the Euphrates River reached due to the reduction of the Turkish occupation of the water level in the river inside the lands of northeastern Syria.

From time to time, the Turkish occupation state intends to reduce the level of water flowing in the course of the Euphrates River by a very large percentage, which threatens an environmental and human catastrophe that may result if the situation continues in this way, as the percentage of water received, according to the administration of the Tishreen Dam, reached less than 200 cubic meters per second out of 500 cubic meters.

The competent authorities in Tishreen Dam had previously indicated the possibility of stopping the dam in the event that the Turkish occupation continues to reduce water in this way, noting that the water decreases on a daily basis by about 10 cm.

According to estimates, Lake Tishreen Dam has lost 4 meters in height since Turkey reduced the water level in late January.

Our agency monitored the recent conditions of the Euphrates River, which is almost dried up due to the severity of the water receding, while the 300-degree retreat is increasing in some places such as the village of al-Boraz and Qamlq, so that some villages that were submerged in the water seemed to be visible.



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