SDF refutes Turkish claims it shelled the city of Bab

Syrian Democratic Forces announced put to the lie claims circulated on media outlets that the shelling carried out on the city of Bab in far eastern Aleppo was done by their fighters attributing these lies to malicious allegations to Turkish MIT.

In a statement released today by Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, on the claims circulated on some media outlets and social media websites that the shelling carried out today on the city of Bab was carried out by SDF.

''The claims are groundless, and adopted by websites sponsored by Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries, we confirm that our forces have no relation to the shelling or any other similar incidents fabricated by the Turki8sh state in line with the ISIS terrorist attack on the Sina'a Prison in the city of Hasaka, the statement run. 

The statement added ''these are mere malicious accusations to serve Turkish agendas and its agents' in a bid to stir Syrians against each other''. 



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