New horizons in international relations with AA

 The areas of the Autonomous Administration witnessed visits of the Western delegations who discussed many issues related to the developments in the region. The delegations expressed their support for the administration in the political process, the establishment of an international tribunal to try the detainees of Daesh, and the issue of reconstruction and security issues.

The Autonomous Administration(AA) areas entered a new phase after the announcement of the Syrian Democratic Forces victory over mercenaries on March 23 of this year, in the context of Western openings to the administration and its support in the Syrian settlement and the file of the trial of the detainees during the official visits to the representatives of the foreign ministries of several countries early June this year for the first time after the elimination of Daesh.

The representatives of the north and east of Syria have been ruled out from the political process and the constitution preparation committee during the previous period and the meetings of Geneva and the Astana meetings under the pressure from regional countries led by Turkey, which opposed the participation of representatives of northern and eastern regions of Syria due to the Turkish phobia from the Kurdish presence and legitimate rights of the Kurds.

The delegations that visited the AA since the beginning of June, are: the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the French Parliament, a joint body of the French and Dutch Foreign Ministries, a delegation from the Belgian Foreign Ministry and the Swedish Foreign Ministry, Saudi Arabia and Sudan, the adviser of the International Coalition Forces in Syria William Robak and a delegation from the Pentagon.

Support of AA

During these visits, discussions were held on the need to establish an international tribunal for mercenaries, those arrested by SDF and who were committing war crimes in the areas of administration, in which AA has stressed their legitimate right to try them in the north and east of Syria.

There was a response by all delegations to this demand, and it was noted in the letter sent by the representative of the Dutch delegation from the Netherlands Foreign Minister for AA that they supported the establishment of an international tribunal for mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria.

All delegations expressed their readiness to provide support for the reconstruction of the area and the provision of services to newly liberated areas such as Deir ez-Zor, al-Raqqa and al-Tabqa through supporting the health and service sector.

According to representatives of the French and Dutch foreign ministries, a meeting of the mini-group on Syria will be held on June 25 and 27 in Paris, France, to discuss the mechanism of supporting AA and participation in the political process, including France, the Netherlands, America, Britain, Germany, Saudi Arabia , Egypt and Jordan ".

In a special interview with the news agency Hawar with the co-chair of the Foreign Relations Department Abdul Karim Omar, he described these visits as important. He pointed out that the views were exchanged and discussed the Syrian situation in general and the regions of north and east of Syria in particular and the great focus on the political process according to Geneva meetings and UN resolution 2254 and the need for the participation of representatives of AA in the political process and constitution preparation committees.

He said that they had received promises from the United States and European countries to participate AA in the political process to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Omar hoped that these visits would be a beginning to strengthen the relations between the administration and the international community and to work towards building a new, democratic and decentralized Syria.



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