Afrinian Yazidis: TRT World report deceptive and misleading

Yazidis of the Afrin Canton denounced the report on the situation of the Yazidis in the occupied city of Afrin and putting charges against the Autonomous Administration from time to time just to polish the image of the Turkish Occupation Forces.

On February 25th, a tweet was released on the official website of the TRT World that the Kurdistan Workers' Party time and again enforced the Yazidis to exit Afrin in the past and that members of the religious minority are more safe with the presence of the Turkish Occupation Forces.

It is well known that Kurdistan Workers' Party was never present in Afrin, the Yazidis were living in peace and stability, but now they undergo a state of fear and horror at the hands of the Turkish Occupation Forces and the affiliated mercenary groups, that makes the TRT World to deform the Autonomous Administration in front of the public opinion and polish the image of the Turkish Occupation Forces and alleviate the crimes committed in the occupied city of Afrin.   

After viewing the Afrninian Yazidi IDPs living in the Shahba Canton they denounced the fabricated reports on the situation of Yazidis in Afrin, Mustafa Nebo, co-chair of the Yazidi Union in Afrin  says'' we saw on the media outlets that conspire with the Turkish Occupation Forces that Yazidis were persecuted in the city of Afrin and that they are leading now a life of dignity and freedom under the Turkish Occupation Forces''. 

'' these are deceptions and lies utterly, that is not strange to the AKP and head Erdogan, this misguide shows their absolute reality, everyone knows that Yazidis in the course of history were open to genocides, but after the Autonomous Administration came to life and the Social Contract was adopted Yazidis were given a special article that proscribes acknowledgement to Yazidism to practise freely their rituals'', Nebo added.

''thanks to the Autonomous Administration Yasidi centres were installed for the first time that enabled Yasidis to organize themselves in addition to religious schools teaching Yazidism'', he said.

''14 domes and shrines were exploded in Afrin, in addition to the looting of all Yazidi historical and archaeological sites, after the Turkish Occupation to Afrin many of us were open to persecution and to which the displacement of thousands of Yazidis to the Shahba Canton bear witness'', Nebo concluded.

From her turn, member to the Yazidi Union in the Afrin Canton, Orivan Mannan, touched upon the crimes committed by the Turkish against the Yazidi shrines and sanctuaries, '' in the last years our shrines in the city of Afrin were demolished and destroyed nevertheless they allege that we live in peace in Afrin after it was occupied by the Turkish Forces''.

''all these are groundless allegations, agreed upon with Turkey, we all know that our people live in very dire and difficult conditions in Afrin, they are forces to learn Turkish, women are forces to wear black costume and are enforces to convert into Islam'', she said.

In turn, member to the union in question, Abdul Rahman Shiker says '' our lands were occupied by Turkey that tries to show the world that it has the full legitimacy to occupation of all lands at the expense of our people, and to impose Islam on them, coercing our shrines into mosques under the cloak that all citizens are Muslims and no other religions are there in Afrin, we respect all religions and we are not against any heavenly creeds, rather we are against power and individuals that consider our lands theirs and reject our presence'', she said.

Shiker appealed to the human associations saying '' I wonder if there has been any human associations yet, nevertheless we want to voice our calls to the world at large, saying enough, enough to the persecution against our religion'', he concluded.



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