Afrin is burning before the eyes of the world

Since the occupation of Afrin, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have been burning mercilessly forests, where the area of ​​the affected lands has reached about 11,000 hectares, amid the silence of the international community and organizations concerned with the protection of the environment.

After the bloody aggression led by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin in 20 January last year, after the forced displacement of Afrin residents, as well as looting, robbery, murder and demographic change in Afrin by resettling families from other areas. The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries distort Afrin environment by burning it mercilessly.

Since last year, nearly 11,000 hectares out of the 33,000 hectares of artificial and natural forests have been uprooted and burned in the villages and areas of Afrin: Sarsin, Kharbet Samak, Korieh, Kamarsh, Sorka in Raju district, and nearly half of the Hawar forest (Bafran, Qal'at Hawar and Risha Esse), the mountains of the villages of Rootah (the mountains of Wadi Jahnem), Ramdana and Gorda in ​​Mobata, and the forests of Tetra, Haja, Qazqali, Sheikh Mohammed and Julqa in Janders district, and Zaqzali in the area of Jandres, as well as within a restricted area between the villages of Kubik and Sewiya in Mobata."

Norshan Hussein, an administrator in the People's Municipality in Afrin canton said, "The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are working to change the demographics of the canton from all sides, through displacing its people from their homes and killing them, and many acts that are offensive to humanity."

She added, "The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries know that the people of Afrin, who have been forced to displace to al-Shahba and chose resistance in semi-destroyed homes and camps will prevail against their terror, so Turkish occupation and its mercenaries turned to destroy Afrin environment, where they burnt and uprooted many trees, since they know people of Afrin will win."

Norshan Hussein called on all environmental organizations to act immediately on the acts of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin.



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