​​​​​​​SDF: Our forces uncovered group of mercenaries hiding within the northern dormitories in the prison

Syria Democratic Forces clarified that sweeps operations and information- gathering are continuing in Al-Sina'a prison in Hasaka, stressing that there are a number of mercenaries holed up in northern dormitories of the prison.

Media Center of Syria Democratic Forces issued a statement revealing the latest developments and sweep operations in Al-Sina'a Prison, which reads:

"After controlling Al-Sina'a prison by our forces and imposing the surrender on about 3,500 mercenaries who participated in the last disobedience, and hundreds of them joining the mercenaries who attacked the prison from outside, our forces began a sweep operation, and a security and military survey in the prison dormitories where the mercenaries who attacked were holed up in the prison and carried out terrorist operations against our forces.

During the sweep and information-gathering operation, our forces uncovered group of mercenaries hiding in the northern dormitories of the prison, where their number expected between 60-90 mercenaries, still holed up in the northern dormitories and trying to maintain a distance to clash. Our forces issued a call for the safe surrender of those, as they will deal firmly with them if they don't response."



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