Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with the Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council Amina Omar on the initiative of the Syrian Democratic Council to form a autonomous administration for the north and east of Syria, where she said, "The Syrian Democratic Council took the decision to form autonomous administration in north and east Syria at its third conference to unite the boards and departments Civil under one umbrella ".

She pointed out that the administrations and civil councils formed at different periods and there was a defect in the organizational matters and some service matters, so the existence of administrative structure coordinates between all departments is a primary goal to form  autonomous administration of north and east Syria.

Amina Omar said that the Co-chair which was elected for  autonomous adminnstration in the north and east of Syria will form with the Preparatory Committee and will form the Executive Council within 21 days to elect the committees affiliated with this administration.

The Co-chair of SDC, Amina Omar, ended her speech by saying:

"We wish to the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria success and we hope that the formation of the administration is the appropriate solution to all the problems that were suffered by the civil councils and autonomous administrations in terms of coordination and all other aspects."