Tal Tamr Military Council commander: Turkish occupation bombed Umm al-Kif village with cluster bombs

The Turkish occupation army bombed the populated village of Umm al-Kaif, west of Tal Tamr district, with internationally prohibited cluster bombs, according to what a commander in the Tal Tamr Military Council confirmed.

A commander in the Tal Tamer Military Council confirmed that the Turkish occupation army bombed the inhabited village of Umm al-Kif, west of Tel Tamr, with internationally prohibited cluster bombs.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launched violent attacks on the village of Umm al-Kif, located west of Tal Tamr district, since 4 O'clock in the morning on Saturday.

About this, the leader of the Tal Tamr Military Council, Ahmed Kalash, told ANHA’s agency: "More than 150 shells fell on the vicinity of Tal Tamr, especially on Umm al-Kif village, non-stop, from 4 at dawn till 9 in the morning, including internationally prohibited cluster munitions. As a result, 6 regime soldiers were wounded, and large material losses were caused to civilians' homes, and the electricity supply was cut off."

Pointing out that the Russian forces intervened after the casualties.

Commander, Ahmed Kalash, confirmed their readiness to repel any possible attack, and said: "We will not remain unanswered." He called on the two guarantor powers (Russia and America) to stop the Turkish occupation state; "Because it targets the civilian population."

He concluded his speech to our agency by saying: "During its attacks over the past two years, the (Turkish occupation state) wanted to break the will of the military forces (in reference to the Syrian Democratic Forces and their military councils), but it could not, but today it is targeting and bombing the people. For its part, our people stand by our side. He is confident in his forces and will remain on his land and in his villages, because these forces are from his sons, and he stands by his sons and emphasizes the resistance to the end.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish occupation bombed the western countryside of Ain Issa district with cluster bombs in September 2021, which resulted in the injury of Ahmed Fajr Shadhan.

It is worth noting that the Turkish occupation had also used internationally prohibited weapons during its occupation attack on the city of Serêkaniyê/ Ras al-Ain in October 2019.

The use of internationally banned cluster bombs is a war crime.

The 1988 International Convention on Cluster Munitions called for a ban on the use, production, stockpiling and transfer of cluster munitions.



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