Tal Abyad Military Council: It is our duty to protect our people if Turkey violates the agreement

The spokesman of Tal Abyad Military Council, Mohamed Haj Mahmoud, said that they are committed to the agreement on the security mechanism to ensure the security of the border, stressing that it is their duty to protect their people if Turkey violates any clause of the agreement.

Turkish threats to occupy northern and eastern Syria have intensified in the last few days, although the SDF has agreed with US mediation with Turkey on a security mechanism that will ensure the security of Syria's northern border.

The SDF operated according to the security mechanism and withdrew from its border points with Turkey, in addition to destroying the fortifications it erected at its border points, which were handed over to the local military councils in Girê Spi / Tel Abyad and Sere Kaniyê. Joint ground and air patrols were also conducted between the coalition and Turkey in the area between Sere Kaniyê and Tall Abyad.

However, it seems that the agreement did not satisfy Turkey, at a time when the international community has not issued any firm position to put an end to Turkey.

Washington announced the withdrawal of its troops from the border areas at dawn on Monday, saying that its troops will not participate in "a planned Turkish operation in northern Syria."

In a statement to the Hawar News Agency, the spokesman for the Tal Abyad Military Council confirmed that several items of the security mechanism approved by the SDF, the USA and the Turkish side were implemented, including the withdrawal of SDF forces and equipment from the border to be replaced by border protection forces. The boundaries of Girê Spi Military Council, as well as the conduct of joint patrols both between Girê Spi Military Council and the international Coalition, or joint patrols between the International Coalition and the Turkish side as agreed.

"We, as the forces of the Girê Spi Military Council, are committed to these terms, and our goal is to maintain the security and stability of the region and not to harm the people of the region."

However, Mohammad Haj Mahmoud, spokesman for the Tal Abyad military council, stressed that it is their duty to protect the people of the region in case Turkey violates the agreement and they are ready to defend their people.



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