SOHR: Daraa negotiations reach a dead end, Damascus's DM threatens to eradicate city

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the negotiations between the Damascus government and the so-termed Daraa's Central Committees reached a dead end, and the Minister of Defense of Damascus threatened to destroy Daraa over the heads of its people.

The Syrian Observatory said that the negotiations in Daraa were extended until tomorrow, Tuesday, after reaching a dead end.

According to the observatory, the Damascus delegation demands raising the Syrian flag  over the Al-Omari Mosque, full control of Daraa and the deployment of checkpoints throughout the area, in addition to displacing a number of wanted persons or surrendering themselves and their weapons.

While the CC in Houran did not reach a clear response regarding the mandatory service for the people of Daraa, the people’s delegation and the negotiating committee demanded that their service be within the Eighth Brigade.

The negotiations were attended by the head of the security committee in southern Syria, Husam Louka, the head of the Military Security Branch, Louay Al-Ali, Brigadier General Ghiath Dallah, the commander of the First Corps and the DM, General Ali Ayoub.

According to the Syrian Observatory, the Damascus government delegation threatened to destroy Daraa over the heads of its people if its demands were rejected.

In a related context, Damascus forces shelled with artillery and tanks the city of Daraa al-Balad, in addition to targeting the city with heavy machine guns. Intense gunfire was heard in Daraa al-Balad this evening, after the Russian delegation left the city of Daraa, without revealing the results of the last meeting.



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