​​​​​​​ Professor: Kurds are inherent part of region, we must ally with them

 Professor of Politics at Al-Quds University, Dr. Ayman Al-Raqab, said that the Kurds are an original part of the region, and "we are with them to decide their fate wherever they are," pointing to the necessity of the Kurdish-Arab alliance to face challenges.

 "Al-Raqb" explained in a special statement to our agency that "the Kurds have the right to decide whether they want to have an independent state or to be part of countries with dual nationalities, and this is a right for the Kurds and for every ethnicity in the region in general."

 The professor of politics at Al-Quds University added: "We are the Palestinians in particular, even though each person gets his freedom because we suffer from injustice and occupation and we do not want injustice to be repeated with any of the peoples of the region."

 He stressed that the Kurds are present in Persia in Iran, Turkey and more than one place in the Arab region (Syria and Iraq), and said: "We suport them to decide their fate."

 Al-Raqab stressed that the Kurds are an orginal part of the Arab region and are not intruders, and any alliance with them is a positive alliance, stressing that the Kurds are not like the Israeli occupation, which unfortunately is allied with some Arab countries now.

 The professor of politics at Al-Quds University stressed that "the alliance with the Kurds is a right and a duty", hoping that there will be an account for the interests of all, and it is necessary to ally with the Kurds to face many challenges.



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