Yazidis on border fear repeating massacres against them

Yazidis on the border villages in the countryside of Terbespiye fear repeating massacres against them after the Turkish occupation army bombed their villages and deliberately targeted them with sniper weapons.

Since last night, the Turkish army has been indiscriminately shelling populated villages in Terbespiye countryside in Qamishlo canton. As a result, four civilians from the village of Kiel Hasnak were injured after an artillery shell landed in the center of their village.

The three Yezidi villages on the border of Tal Khatun, Otlja and Alarash residents fear of repeating massacres against them, especially after targeting the village of Khatun 9 km northwest of the district directly and directing sniper weapons towards civilians inside the village

The electricity and communication network was cut off for more than 15 villages after the occupation targeted the oil-producing Saida area near the village of Tel Khatun at about 0.43 am and the massive fire broke out inside it and it was out of service

"Since last night, the Turkish army has been bombing our villages indiscriminately and barbarically. We have not posed any danger to their borders, we only live in our village in peace," said Suleiman Karnous, a civilian in the district.

"In the late night hours, they bombed Saida oil facility adjacent to the village, which resulted in huge explosions accompanied by directing their weapons snipers towards the village.

Karnous recalled the events of Shangal and the attack of ISIS mercenaries on the Yezidis there saying "Do they want to repeat those massacres against us here too

On the other hand, the villagers say that his village dates back hundreds of years and they will not leave it.



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