​​​​​​​Outcome of Turkish occupation crimes in the countryside of Ain Issa and Girê Spî

Syria Democratic Forces revealed the outcome of Turkish occupation crimes during 15 days of April in the countryside of Ain Issa and Girê Spî.

Yesterday, the official website of Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) said that Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have escalated their bombing of the villages around Ain Issa and international road (M4), since the beginning of April.

The website revealed the following results:

In the west of the city (Ain Issa), the occupation targeted with heavy artillery and mortars the following villages: "Ma'allaq, Sayda, Jadede, Ain Issa camp, and M4 international road" where it launched 10 attacks on those villages, while shelling them with about /48/ different shells.

Meanwhile, Turkish occupation targeted villages north of Ain Issa with heavy weapons, where the village of "Al-Mushairfa" was subjected to 13  attacks and 63 variety of shells, including artillery, mortar and tank.

Artillery shells and drone west of Girê Spî

The website also reported that western countryside of " Girê Spî city was subjected to intense bombardment by Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, as it targeted the village of "Al-A'areda" on April 9 with 10 artillery shells, and the bombing coincided with the flight of Turkish drone in the airspace of the area."

Daily artillery shelling east of Ain Issa and 2 light bombs

According to the official website of SDF, "the villages of eastern countryside of Ain Issa, which are "Um Al-Baramel, Al-Hwaija, Al-Fattisa, Al-Ghazili, and Skairo" witnessed violent artillery shelling, as Turkish occupation and its mercenaries targeted them with /40/ heavy artillery shells, and threw 2 light bombs. While targeted it, on a daily basis, with a 23mm Dushka weapon. And on April 16, the village of "Al-Ghazli" was targeted, and the civilian "Hassan Hamad al-Salama" was wounded, and significant material damage was caused to his house, car and sheep."

Exploiting the silence of guarantors and the military action in Ukraine

While SDF website mentioned, "This escalation in attacks by Turkish occupation on our areas and on populated villages, comes in light of Russia's lack of interest in obligating Turkey to cease-fire agreements, and its preoccupation with its war in Ukraine, that Turkey is exploiting the silence of the guarantors(United States of America and Russia), to continue its attacks on our areas."



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