​​​​​​​Deir-ez-Zor clans : Invitations for defection from SDF its aim to sow discord between Syrians

​​​​​​​The children of Deri-ez-Zor clans have confirmed their rejection of the invitations for defection from SDF, stressing to stand alongside with SDF, as being protector them from occupation ambition, pointing out these invitations aim to sow discord between the components of the Syrian people.

Hawar news agency(ANHA) held interview with the children of Deir-ez-Zor clans during their participation in sit-in tent in Ain Issa district which is still ongiong in its 6th days, rejecting Turkish occupation attacks on NE,Syria, and the violations which committed by Turkey and its gangs against the people of the area.

Clans' notables talked about the visit the National Security Chancellor of the Syrian regime, Ali Mamlouk, to Qamishlo city a few days ago, and his call for the clans to defect from the SDF, Hussein al-Taha, one of the notable of al-Bakara clan said that " We support the territorial integrity of Syria, and we demand privacy for our regions within a single, unified Syria. We reject the calls made by some parties that seek to sow discord between the people of NE parts of Syria."

And he refered those calls are “sectarian calls  and have no relate to the nationalism, this calls  bring just destroying,strife and murder, who wants to call SDF to defect have to convince ten of the syrian refugee in the outside to come back to the system (organization) they call for it

And pointed out that SDF is mixure of the children  of the area within all its components and fought braverly to defend for their villages and cities, they are fighting  a honor battles to defend for their lands in front of the Turkish occupation

And concluded his speach, the notable of al-Bakara clan has confirmed their standing and supporting to SDF.

For his part, Ibrahim al-Awad from al-Akidat clan said that they refuse to abondon of the Syrian Democratic Forces, stressing that they are joinging hands together with them ,being the childern of area who are defending on their lands and to presever  the gains that had been achieved by victory over ISIS.



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