Akram Mahshoush: Partition wall aims to erase Kurdish identity, settle mercenaries

Akram Makhshoush said that Turkey seeks to erase the Kurdish identity by building the wall around Afrin and settling its mercenaries. "Therefore, we as Syrians should stand before these violations that are taking place in Afrin," he said.

The Turkish occupation state began construction of the partition wall in Afrin region in April, with the aim of separating Afrin from Syria and trying to settle its mercenaries in Afrin.

The Turkish occupation built the wall from the village of Mariamin and extended to other areas adjacent to al-Shahba canton, with concrete blocks of three meters each. The wall also includes observation towers connected with the Turkish Forces Command Center in Idlib.

In this context, ANHA met with Deputy Secretary-General of the Conservative Party Akram Mahshoush, who said at the outset, "The Turkish state aims by building the partition wall in Afrin to annex and appropriate it in violation of Syrian territory."

Turkey and its mercenaries having occupied Afrin through international collusion and silence, are now seeking to build the partition wall amidst international silence. The wall comes in the context of trade-offs with international agreements and the swaps of Russian and Turkish regimes with international consensus. "Without international approval, Turkey could not attack and occupy the land of Afrin."

The Turkish occupation having built the partition wall Syria in Afrin, it aims to settle the mercenaries trapped in Idlib within Afrin, Mahshoush commented on this saying: "Turkey is settling its mercenaries in Afrin, and are registered in their records as residents of Afrin."

He argued that Turkey seeks to erase the Kurdish identity through the construction of the wall. "Therefore, we as Syrians must stand before these violations, where its residents are killed and kidnapped, while its territory is being annexed through the construction of the wall," he said.

The construction of the wall was accompanied by systematic bulldozing and demolition of dozens of civilian houses, to change the demographics of the area, to settle mercenaries affiliated to Turkey in Afrin and to change its identity.

After the completion of the partition wall, it will be considered the third longest border wall in the world, after the wall of China and the Mexican-American to be built border wall, and in this context, Mahshoush said, "We appeal to the world countries to move quickly to halt building this wall and stand in front of Turkish violations in Afrin."

At the end of his speech, Deputy Secretary-Feneral of the Conservative Party, Akram Mahshoush, described the Turkish occupation of Afrin and the construction of the partition wall as a "shame" on humanity. "There is no explanation for the international silence on the construction of the wall." he said.



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