Hawar news agency plan 11-15-2023

Hawar news agency plan 11-15-2023
14 November 2023   23:00

An Egyptian human rights activist and member of Amnesty International praised the global activities launched to achieve the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan, noting their effective impact that was demonstrated by the joining of many figures and circles around the world, stressing that his release will lead to achieving peace in the Middle East (attached). With pictures).

Participants in the Al-Hasakah sit-in stressed their demand for the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan: “We will do everything in our power to liberate our leader physically” (photos and video attached).

A family from Kobani canton, which lost one of its sons in the recent Turkish military escalation in NE, Syria, indicated that Turkish officials are directing attention to Gaza with their media statements. To cover up their crimes in our regions (photos and video attached).

The Raqqa National Museum has reopened its doors after its rehabilitation and the opening of its archaeological exhibition after 880 archaeological pieces were returned to it out of 8,000 thousand pieces that were present in the museum (photos and video attached).

A state of stagnation has been witnessed in the Libyan crisis since the beginning of last October, especially after the outbreak of the Israeli war in Gaza, which pulled the rug out of the crisis in Libya in a way that disappeared news of the Libyan elections, which the international community was seeking to hold at the end of this year or the beginning of next year at the latest (attached with photos).

An Egyptian political analyst considered that the basis of the problem that keeps the Palestinian-Israeli conflict unresolved is the reliance of both Hamas and Israel on religious foundations, which will deepen the crisis and make it continue for generations to come. He stressed that the democratic nation’s choice is the solution (attached with pictures).

The Syrian Initiative for the Freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan and the Syrian Lawyers Initiative to Defend the Leader in Deir ez-Zor are organizing a dialogue symposium under the slogan “The Philosophy of the Democratic Nation is the Most Appropriate Model for Resolving Middle East Issues,” at 10:00 in the meeting room of the Executive Council in Deir ez-Zor (photos and video attached).

The Syrian Women's Council is holding a tribal women's forum under the slogan "The societal role of women in the tribes", in the Happy Land Park in the city of Raqqa, at 10:00 (photos and video attached).

The Eastern Region Council in Deir ez-Zor is organizing a demonstration denouncing the isolation imposed on Leader Abdullah Ocalan at 10:00 (photos and video attached).

The people of Al-Hasakah canton continue to arrive at the sit-in tent erected in the city of Al-Hasakah as part of the global campaign for the freedom of leader Abdullah, at 10:00 (photos and video attached).

As part of a series of activities on the Day of Combating Violence against Women, Kongra Star in the Euphrates region will hold a lecture at the Democratic Society Movement Center in the city of Kobani, and a play will be shown at 10:00, and the Women’s Office in the Democratic Society Movement in the city of Qamishlo will organize a lecture in the same context, at the headquarters of the Union of Industry. “The former expatriate restaurant”, at 12:00, and the Kongra Star meeting will be held in the Tel Hamis district in the Democratic Union Party hall, at 11:000 (photos and video attached).

The Revolutionary Youth Movement in Manbij and its countryside goes out in a demonstration denouncing the targeting of the Center of the Revolutionary Youth Movement in Manbij. The demonstration begins from Al-Mizan Roundabout in the center of the city at 1:30 p.m. (photos and video attached).

The Union of Intellectuals in the Al-Jazeera region is organizing a signing party for the book “Bi çavekî cuda Ehmedê Xanê” by the Kurdish writer Diyar Buhti, in the Reading Park in the city of Qamishlo, at 16:00 (photos and video attached).