Keeping PKK on terror list is a historical mistake: Muslim

Reportaj Summay

Keeping PKK on terror list is a historical mistake: Muslim
25 November 2021   00:01

Salih Muslim said that classifying PKK on "terror list" represents a historical mistake for Middle East's peoples.

On the 43rd anniversary of the founding of the PKK ,PYD Executive Council member Salih Muslim interviewed with Hawar News Agency by saying, " PKK seen as a hope of European and Middle Eastern people in salvation and democracy

“Since the beginning, Kurdistan Workers' Party has formed a different point of view. it does not resemble any previous and classical organizations of the Middle East. which have always been found by entity, a state, or some force support them. However PKK originated from its own power and became a force among the people. So everyone took it into consideration. from another perspective Turkey is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) this made PKK controversial issue towards Turkish regime and NATO.

NATO saw in Kurdistan Workers' Party as enemy because it had sat up during the socialist era,. In his opinion, the PKK will influence on the Middle East and change all its plans. Turkey has a large impact so they follow this view to this day .So far, NATO, or the dominant powers in the Middle East, consider the PKK as a motivator of change and build a new system in the world. That doesn't harmonize with their interests. What the dominant powers seek is to create conflicts between peoples, components and beliefs in order to w broken out wars and sold weapons to achieve their interests. On the contrary, PKK has established an ideology against that.

Democratic socialism which people form the basis that opposes their standards in the Middle East. That is why they do not want spreading philosophy of the PKK among the people, particularly the founder of this philosophy Leader Abo.

Since its inception until now, The PKK has not committed anything under the name of terrorism , all it did falls within the framework of self-defense project.

They closed the political side and attacked it with weapons while it defended itself. as a result of enemy's brutality against the Kurdish people,PKK applied legitimate defense.

NATO countries regard the Kurdistan Workers' Party their enemy,so they listed it on the "terror list".

in fact, the PKK had not done anything to remain on this list. Some forces want it to remain on the "terror list" so the case is not resolved. The Turkish state can say, “I will not meet with terrorists,”

This is a pretext so that Turkey does not meet with it, so that they do not solve that issue , when major powers such as America and other dominant countries ask them, Turkey will say, 'We do not meet with terrorists'. and in discussions, what are the terrorist operations of PKK ? They do not give a reply, because there is none of that. They just say it did against Turkey. Turkey wanted to replace some of its opposition operations on the PKK responsibility.

No one can say that the PKK executed terrorist operation against me.

In the past, the case was concealed, but now the issue of Kurdistan and the Kurdish case has come down to earth as an international issue known to all over the world.

the people do not believe these allegations which consider the PKK terrorist organization

All the intellectuals, scholars and politicians say that this classification is a moody thing and serves the Turkish interests.”