Bardan Oztork: When the isolation is left, Turkey's future to shine

Reportaj Summay

Bardan Oztork: When the isolation is left, Turkey's future to shine
4 December 2021   04:38

"If the Kurdish people are a body, the spirit is Mr. Ouzlan, when the isolation on commander of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, is left, the future of Turkey will also shine.

Bursa's court of Implemention  refused request of lawyers of Asrin Law Office for their dependent, the leader Abdullah  Ocalan at the Imrali Prison, Omer Khairi Unar, Hamlin Yildirim and Weiisi Aktash.

Asrin Law Office announced on November 29th, that the decision of the court on October 12th, concerning banning meeting the leader Abdullah Ocalan, is the why the requests were rejected.

Commenting on the rejection of the family's request, the lawyers made clear, that deciplinary Body affiliated with Penal Body in Imrali, invoked by the Deciplinary Body's decision issued on August 18th, on banning the visits for three months.

The co-chair of the Democratic Community Conference Bardan Oztork said against the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan in Omarali, " Those who impose surrender at this stage face a large obstacle. Mr. Ocalan showed the way for everyone. This road is a path of dialogue."  

The text of our dialogue with the co-chair of the Democratic Community Conference of Paradan Ozturk came as follows:

What is the meaning of political isolation? Why does the Turkish state insist on isolation? How is the isolation in Turkey?

We can not separate isolation from the Kurdish issue, they must be assessed together. The Turkish state has established itself on genociding the Kurdish people from the beginning. The Turkish state has applied its dirty policies against Kurdish people. Mr. Ocalan played a major role to resist it. Mr. Ocalan represents millions of Kurds. The Kurdish people were physically exist, but there was no spirit in this body. Mr. Ocalan became the spirit. Mr. Ocalan's thought is of importance for all the peoples of the Middle East and the world.

The imperialism and capital systems believe they are threatening and tightening of isolation. With those systems  the spirit of the Kurdish people is isolated.

The Turkish state decided that tightening isolation against the Kurdish people. When they tightwned the isolation in April 2015, they began to tribute the people issued in 2014 .

 With tightening isolation they want to revive this plan. Freedom, democracy and peace led by Mr. Ocalan. In contrast, the state system has led to authoritarian regime. Today Turkey has developed a bad economy. All Turkish state systems have collapsed during the last six years. It failed in internal and external policy as well. We do not look at her as a justice party and development and the National Movement Party only, the entire system faces loss today. These results must be evaluated with isolation.

If one compare between the stages of the peace process in 2013 -2015 and to 2015-2021 What image do we get?

What happened between 2013 and 2015 throughout Turkey caused great changes in many in fields of democracy, economy and human rights. The steps taken at this stage planted hope in people. It has become a major force and more likely to resolve the Kurdish issue in peaceful and democratic roads. The economic situation in 2015 is very different from the current situation. In this context, one must consider this process well. At that time the opposition was able to express its demands strongly But they are now spent. The force on the streets today, which resists are the Kurdish people and democratic forces.

 They wanted to eliminate the struggling and free life of the last six years. The Kurdish people between 2013 and 2015 made great achievements. The Turkish situation could be different from now if the Turkish state did not destroy the process and eliminate the Kurdish people. This was also in the Middle East. This process will lead to loss on the people of Turkey as a whole. Mr. Ocalan warned the Turkish state at the time that if this process was stopped, there would be new consequences. He said the Kurdish Question would be solved by negotiating.

Why are political parties silent? All democratic organizations should stop but the situation is not on DTK in Turkey what business will cost to end isolation as you?

Whatever happens, isolation is an important situation for humanity. Isolation is a torture and this is recognized in international law and Turkish law in itself. Given the persons defending democracy and freedom, one believes that when it comes to the issue of the isolation on Mr. Ocalan, they do not issue one statement. This shows the extent to which they are democrats and defenders of freedom. This silence is unacceptable.   

 The war decision became the beginning of the ongoing phase in Turkey today.  The Kurdish people pay the price and all the peoples in Turkey are under the influence of the state's war.  Those who talk all the time about democracy and law, they do not take a single step against isolation. This approach does no good to anyone.

 We do not wait for these forces to protect or welcome Mr. Ocalan's ideas.  They must show their reactions but remain silent even though they know that isolation is torture in Turkey and in the international arena as well.  When it comes to Mr. Ocalan, fascist mentalities play a role.  When the issue is Imrali, the international powers and the Committee against Torture are also silent.  The isolation has been going on since 1999. They have never said or taken any practical step.  They say this is a crime against human rights but that's just saying.  The Kurdish issue will not be resolved until the isolation is lifted.  It is not possible to reach a solution through this system of permanent isolation and big problems arise for Turkey.  When the isolation is lifted and the leader of the Kurdish people assumes his role and mission, Turkey's future will also be bright.

The system of isolation imposed on Mr. Ocalan is our main agenda.  We will work to lift it.  And the Kurdish problem will be resolved by lifting the isolation of Mr. Ocalan.  In this context, a democratic solution to the Kurdish issue will be among our agendas.  The only actor in this matter is Mr. Ocalan.  During the past six years, when they put the genocide plan into action, they said that they would subdue the Kurds.  But those who succumbed at this stage were themselves.  Those who stopped these operations are fed up with the struggle of the Kurdish people.  Those who say we will liquidate them face liquidation.  At the Democratic Society Conference we are planning a lot of work.

The demand for achieving freedom for the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, has increased even more in recent years.  It was widely admired all over the world.  What does this show us?

 In this regard we must give Rojava an example.  Rojava stood before the ISIS mercenaries with great resistance and courage.  This was the beginning of the defeat of ISIS.  The Kurdish people have applied this struggle in all spheres of life in Rojava in the context of Mr. Ocalan's model and ideology.  The Rojava revolution established itself on this basis.  In Rojava, not only the Kurdish people, but all the Arab, Syriac, Armenian and Turkmen peoples are building life.  In the realm of democracy one has to look at the unity that is there.  The whole world has embraced the Kurdish people's resistance and struggle more.

 Know the world through this resistance to the Kurdish people more.  At the same time, the people of the world had the opportunity to know the leader of this model and the ideas of Mr. Abdullah Ocalan.  Today everyone defends the "Freedom for Ocalan" campaign developed by the largest British trade union.  But freedom advocates in Turkey are not vocal against isolation.  Mr. Ocalan is not just a person.  When we look at his example and his actions, we are defending the freedom of the peoples of the world and the Middle East.  The peoples of the world see this model as their hope.  They are taking serious steps in this regard.

 As he mentioned, the solution to the Kurdish issue that brought Turkey to the point of collapse will be achieved by achieving freedom for Ocalan?  What do you think about this?

 For the last six years, everyone saw that the Kurdish issue could not be resolved by war and pressure.  The Kurdish issue will not be resolved without Mr. Ocalan, and the crisis in Turkey has deepened further with the passage of time.  Millions say Mr. Ocalan represents their will.  Mr. Ocalan is not only a person, he is the will of the people.  The Kurdish issue cannot be resolved without the realization of Mr. Ocalan's physical freedom.  If the Kurdish people were a body, then the soul of this body is Mr. Ocalan.  They can never part.  It is not possible for a person to separate them.

 They want to tighten the isolation further and keep Mr. Ocalan away from the Kurdish people, but this is not possible.  The Kurdish people gave a great response in the squares of Nowruz.  There is no way or method other than dialogue and negotiation.  The Kurdish people are not what they were a hundred years ago.  The Kurdish people are now strong and organized struggle.  No force will be able to eliminate this struggle and resistance of the Kurdish people.  The leader of the Kurdish people, Mr. Ocalan, is resisting against the system of isolation imposed in Imrali since 1999. Mr. Ocalan's anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist model that is in crisis now has become a hope for the peoples of the world.  The Kurdish issue cannot be resolved in any other way. They have tried it many times in the past.  But they did not succeed.

 The tyrants have been attacking for six years, they mustered all their strength.  But they did not win.  Mr. Ocalan has shown the way to everyone.  This path is the path of dialogue and negotiation.  It is too late for other solutions.  “I will exterminate them,” “I will destroy them.” Such approaches deepen the crisis even more.  Resolving the Kurdish issue will open the way for the peoples of the Middle East and Turkey.  There is no other way.