​​​​​​​Sheikho: Turkey adopts unprecedented war against Kurds and whole world

Reportaj Summay

​​​​​​​Sheikho: Turkey adopts unprecedented war against Kurds and whole world
31 Decemberember 2021   22:54

Member of the Executive Council of the Democratic Union Party, Ahmed Sheikho, pointed out that Turkish occupation state as an effective force in NATO is retaliating ISIS's defeats, explaining that the mask of Turkey has vanished and humanity values in danger.

Sheikho spoke on World Day of Solidarity with The Resistance of Kobane, which falls on 1 November. Sheikho said the current phase requires a global union against the threat posed by Turkey, similar to 2014 during free resistance in Kobane against ISIS mercenaries.

How the resistance in Kobane attracted the attention of the world and played a pivotal role in stirring feelings of free people around the world towards the war in Syria, who took to the streets in more than 90 countries around and stood in solidarity with its resistance?

The fast spread of ISIS mercenaries that controlled vast areas without any resistance stunned the world, causing uncertainty around the region's future, and their danger threatened all countries of the world without exception.

Hence, the Kurds carried arms and confronted ISIS in Kobani that stunned the international community, and it was a pivotal point, unlike other regions that were falling one after another, as this resistance forced peoples of the world to declare their solidarity with Kobani, and the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS as well the same .

The region does face a greater danger represented by the Turkish state. Do you think this step by the international community during the resistance was sufficient to stop the dangers against the Kurds and the peoples of the region in light of the crimes committed by ISIS supporters in Serêkaniyê, Afrin and Girê Spî?

It is wrong to believe that ISIS gangs are a group that calls for Islam, they were and still a Turkish project, and a tool that could achieve the dream of the Ottoman Empire, just as there were other countries that supported ISIS secretly to implement its plans. Let us remember the killing operations carried out by ISIS groups in a number of countries of the world, especially Europe, who was facilitating such operations, when we talk about ISIS, we are talking about Turkey, they practice terrorism everywhere, they are waging an unprecedented war, but unfortunately , the international community has limited accusation to ISIS only .

Above all, the principles of humanity are in great danger. The Turkish attacks on this region did not stop at all. Basically, ISIS was defined from the beginning as a group within the war in Syria; It was not enough, the world should get to know Turkey more

Kobani, which has become a symbol of resistance against ISIS and thwarted the Turkish plan, is subject to threats and attacks. Do you think that Turkey seeks revenge, and what should the free people of the world and the international community do?

The resistance put up played a major role in thwarting Turkish plans. The Turkish state entered into bargains with world powers such as the United States and Russia, to strike at the project and revolution in north and east Syria. People of the region are experiencing other pains with Turkey's occupation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. It is the people who ended ISIS and defended the world. Fighting ISIS in Kobani was a step in the fight against global terrorism. Today we are facing the greatest danger, represented by the Turkish occupation state. The mask which had been wearing for years had fallen off.

Can you imagine that an effective force in NATO today avenges ISIS and fights us, yes, Turkey represents the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and when we say that, we are facing a great global danger. Does Turkey have the courage to attack here and there? Of course not. It is clear that there is coordination in this regard with international and regional powers, and there are deeper plans, which ISIS used as a primitive tool

What then falls to the international community in this case?

Even the war waged by the Turkish occupation state has become a brutal war without borders. It deliberately targets civilians to a large extent. Hospitals and public facilities are bombed, but the question here is whether their crime is against the Kurdish people only. I say here no, all the peoples of the world are targeted. What do Turkish soldiers do in Libya and other countries? The most dangerous leaders of al-Qaeda and ISIS were killed by air strikes by the international coalition in areas occupied by Turkey. What does that mean? It's a risk that needs to be addressed.

Therefore, the international community, human rights institutions, and those calling for freedom and peace must take more effective steps, and raise the pace of support for this will that confronts the global danger

The situation during the current stage has become more dangerous than in 2014. International support for the resistance in northern and eastern Syria will lead to an end to this threat lurking in the region and the world

The resistance in Kobani revived the Kurdish spirit, as the Kurds took to the streets and rose up against ISIS and its supporters, and dozens of young men from Eastern, Southern and Northern Kurdistan participated in this resistance?

How can this spirit be revived again and circumvent the guerrilla resistance in the mountains of Kurdistan in light of the great Turkish attack that threatens the will and existence of the Kurdish people

Yes, in fact, Kobani has turned into a center for the protection of humanity. The free people from all corners of the world came to participate in this decisive battle. Their conscience did not accept that humanity was exterminated in front of their eyes. This provided young men from all over Kurdistan, except for that, the Peshmerga forces also had a role, and we do not forget the internationalist young men and women who strongly participated in this battle.

They shared the pain and the historical victory, the protectors of humanity united at that time in Kobani, the guerrilla forces had no other goals but to protect humanity and protect the world from the threat of ISIS.

Today, those who protected humanity are fighting a great battle against Turkey in the mountains of Kurdistan, which is using chemical weapons in its war; Having failed to make any progress, without regard for international laws and values, Turkey is bombing the mountains of Kurdistan with brutality despite its invasion of Iraqi territory, which is a flagrant violation of international laws

We call on all jurists, liberals peoples of the world not to remain silent; Because the Turkish state will not stop there, it will threaten Europe in public, as well as a number of other countries in the Middle East. The danger today is for the Arab countries, the Balkan countries and all the countries of the world. Therefore, the experience we saw in Kobani must be repeated for the sake of Guerilla in The mountains of Kurdistan, and first of all, a common Kurdish spirit must be reached against this occupation.