​​​​​​​Aleppo people: Occupation's goal is to hit peoples' fraternity

The people of Aleppo indicated that the aim of the Turkish occupation from the attacks on NE, Syria is to target the peoples' fraternity and co-existence project, appealing to the organizations concerned to hold the perpetrators of the massacres against civilians and children accountable.

​​​​​​​Aleppo people: Occupation's goal is to hit peoples' fraternity
14 December 2019   06:42

Reactions have increased since the Turkish occupation launched its attacks on NE, Syria on October 9, as these attacks left behind many massacres against unarmed civilians, and in this regard ANHA agency met with the people of Sheikh Maksoud and Achrafieh in the city of Aleppo.

Sawsan Ali condemned the attacks of the Turkish state on NE, Syria and said: "The Turkish occupation commits massacres against civilians and children, with the fiercest internationally prohibited weapons and amid a shameful international silence."

"The Turkish occupation claims to protect its borders, but it occupies the lands of neighboring countries, and it is working hard to target the peoples' fraternity project and co-existence in northern Syria through its massacres, in which thousands of children have been killed."

As for Muhammad Mustafa from the Arab component, he touched upon the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the Syrian lands. He said, "We coexist in Syria as brothers, and there is no distinction between an Arab and a Kurd."

Meanwhile, Ghafran Jaber of the Arab component referred to the bloody history of the Turkish occupation and its massacres against the Kurds in their pursuit of genocide against them.


Ghafran noted that the Turkish aggression on the Syrian lands is to extend its influence in the region and annex the Syrian lands to the Turkish lands as happened to Iskenderun through its occupation of the neighboring lands, "the Turkish occupation aims to separate all components of the region, but by joining hands together we will stand together in front of these attacks and we will inevitably destroy these policies."

And about the crimes of the Turkish occupation that he commits from time to time in al-Shahba regions, Ghafran touched upon, "The people of Afrin were forcibly exited from their homes and went to al-Shahba district to reduce the massacres committed against them, but they were not safe from the bombing of the Turkish occupation, the most recent of which was the massacre of Tel Rifaat, which killed 10 people. Of children and 12 wounded, "she added," We appeal to the organizations concerned with children's rights to hold perpetrators accountable. "




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