Soon ...teaching of language Turkmen ,revive of folkore in Manbij

The Turkmen component is preparing to open an association in the city of Manbaj, with the aim of reviving folklore and teaching Turkmen again.


The children of the Turkmen component in Manbij city are opening an association to teach its language and revive its folklore, the Turkmen Society, which is due to open on 25 April.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviwed with  a member of the administrators Body of the Turkmen society in Amal Dada said that " the idea of the association came to attract the children of the Turkmen component and to make somehting for the Turkmen component to be a reference for Turkmen."

Amal stresses that the goals of the society are cultural and social to revive the Turkmen language in addition to the Turkmen customs and traditions, most of which are intimated, noting that most Turkoman families in Manbij do not know any character of the language or any of the Turkmen customs and traditions.

She stressed that earlier courses were opened to teach Turkmen language, noting that there are those who receive Turkmen lessons from the Arabic and Kurdish components in Manbij who want to learn the language.

And added This is encouraging to strengthen relations and cohesion among the people of the components of Manbij city and its countryside."

"The benefits of this society are the most social ones, such as helping Turkmen children to learn their mother tongue and teaching their children, helping poor families and helping talented Turkmen youth form a football team for the Turkmen component and support them in all respects".

She explained that in the future there will be significant activities not only at the level of Mnbj only, but at the level of North Syria and communicate with the Turkmen component in all provinces and cities to revive the habits that have disappeared and most do not know in North Syria 's cities."



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