65 days with Leader Abdullah Ocalan in Rome (2)

Reportaj Summay

65 days with Leader Abdullah Ocalan in Rome (2)
11 February 2022   23:01

Ahmed Yaman spoke about the stage that began on October 9, 1998, and continued until February 15, 1999, in which the leader Ocalan evaluated as the most important NATO operation, by saying: “If the issue was resolved at that time, we would not have lived since 23 years in all these tragedies

International conspiracy stage began with expulsion of the leader from Syria, Rome, Moscow and last in Kenya when they handed him over to the Turkish state. Ocalan described it as "the most critical stage of tyranny regime launched in my person against the people."

The plot continued with the prepared plans, then the leader went to Rome on November 13, and left it on February 2.

He reveals reason for his departure from Rome in his speeches: "Berlusconi mustered all his forces, he was a man of Gladio. I had to get out because I knew that Italy could not embrace me, no doubt Turkey had turned into an unreliable country, however it badly needed the United States." and Israel.

Ocalan explained three options presented to him in Nairobi, saying: "The first one is dying for disobeying orders for a long time, and the second is submitting to the CIA without saying anything. And the third is surrendering to the Turkish special war teams that were previously prepared.

The conspiring forces that carried out the third plan handed over the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, on February 15 to the occupying Turkish state, and this is what the Kurds call the "black day".

Ahmed Yaman said that the conspiring forces did not succeed, but their attempts continue.

The representative of the Kurdistan National Liberation Front (ERNK) in Rome, Ahmet Yaman, spoke about the stage of the international conspiracy.

*You were on the flight to Moscow; What did you talk about during the flight ?

True, we went together again on a private plane to Russia, and I was sitting next to him and we talked. The leader, after his departure from Rome, was supposed to meet with an American body.

So he wrote a letter for that interview and handed it to me, and asked me to conduct the interview with the commission and hand it over to it. Several times during the flight , he advised me to be careful and watch out for myself and said: "It is possible that there will be discontent and efforts against you after me," he said. The plane landed at Moscow airport and we said goodbye there, then the leader said we'll meet again.

I returned to Rome and the leader boarded a plane at Minsk airport, as he should have gone to Holland. However, because the Netherlands closed its airspace; The plane landed at Minsk airport. I spoke with the leader in the morning via phone where he suggested a few suggestions to put friends in Italy into the picture. We then moved.

I headed with two lawyers from Rome in Italy to Brussels to intervene in the situation there. We got on the plane, but we were taken back off because there was a report of a bomb on board, we waited several hours, when we were waiting, one of the leader's lawyers said he forgot his passport at home.

That lawyer is back, and we went to Brussel and talked with some comrades. We realized there that the lawyer was going to Kenya, he was going to ask the lawyer to put the asylum phase on the agenda again and continue the phase.

The lawyer returned on the evening of February 14, and we held an interview with him at the airport in Rome, the lawyer explained that the situation in Kenya is not good, and Greece is applying pressure, and unfortunately the leader Ocalan was arrested by the international conspiracy that night.

How did the Italian people and its government view stage of the international conspiracy?

The leader wanted to return to Italy, as the Italian government promised to support him wherever he was. Italy had a choice in a third country and they also hid it from us.

Libya was a place prepared by Gaddafi, and if there was a problem when we were going to Russia, the pilot would automatically have gone to the third option. Of course, there were conditions for that choice. The phone should not be used at all, the commander's location would remain hidden, those who went with him would not return from there. But the leader never accepted this.

The asylum phase continued despite the exit of the leader. When we realized that he had been arrested in Kenya; Italy witnessed a Great indignation and anger and the people's indignant reactions were directed to D'Alema.

D'Alema's statement said that the leader left Italy of his own will.

The leader explained in letter to D'Alema that he left Italy voluntarily, and D'Alema presented this message to the media, and during our private meeting they promised to do everything they could as a government to achieve a positive result from the leader's asylum court, then the Italian court accepted the leader's asylum request on the basis of Article 10 of the Constitution . Hundreds of thousands of people participated in our protest event. There was a great event, the Italian people were very upset about this situation.

The international conspiracy is entering its 24th year, whereas the leader Abdullah Ocalan is still facing inhuman practices to this day.

What do you want to say in this regard?

A very difficult case. The leader was physically arrested, but they could not restrain his thoughts. Even if he's not on our side, his thoughts are a torch for humanity. It is the hope of oppressed and vulnerable peoples, and as I said earlier, he was very insistent on ending this situation. A political solution was his main endeavour.

The leader thwarted the international conspiracy, we in turn are organizing initiatives in many countries of the world to work towards achieving the physical freedom of leader Ocalan. The leader Ocalan won the world's sympathy through his translated books, positions and the solutions that he developed.

Why does the strict isolation continue ?

Ocalan freedom means the Kurd's, Turkey and the oppressed peoples, it seems that the international conspiring powers are still insisting on this. It did not succeed and is still trying to achieve it.

* In conclusion, what would you like to say?

It's been 23 years since we've been grieving, and I hope this ends. My only goal and request is to meet the leader and accompany him again.