Researcher: Beneficiaries of ISIS attacks are Brotherhood, governments that sponsor terrorism

Reportaj Summay

 Researcher: Beneficiaries of ISIS attacks are Brotherhood, governments that sponsor terrorism
27 January 2022   03:40

 The researcher at the Middle East Forum (MEF), Cynthia Farhat, confirmed that there are foreign hands, led by Turkey and Qatar, behind the ISIS attack on the Al-Sinaa prison in the city of Hasaka, and pointed out that the main beneficiaries of these attacks are the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and Al-Qaeda, as well as the governments sponsoring these organizations. 

 ISIS mercenary cells launched an attack on Al-Sina'a prison in the Ghweran neighborhood of Al-Hasakah city, which includes thousands of detained mercenaries, on the 20th of this January, coinciding with the anniversary of the Turkish attacks on Afrin on January 20, 2018, in order to facilitate the escape of these mercenaries from prison.

 In this context, our agency conducted a meeting with Cynthia Farhat, a specialist in the affairs of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East Forum.

 The following is the text of the interview:

 *Daesh launched an organized attack on Al-Sina'a prison in the Syrian city of Hasaka, which holds 5,000 ISIS detainees.  Where did ISIS get this support to launch such an organized attack on a heavily fortified prison?

 It is clear that this attack is supported by international powers that have intelligence and military services that can obtain accurate information about the prison, train to attack it, buy consciences or obtain ideological support from some traitors loyal to terrorist organizations and the governments sponsoring them in Turkey, Qatar and Iran.

 Also, this terrorist event cannot be viewed outside the scope of the awakening of the Islamic Jihad that suddenly swept through several countries, and it also occurred directly due to the Taliban’s control of Afghanistan under the administration of the Qatari Brotherhood regime that sponsors international terrorism.  Now Afghanistan is a military base for all international jihadist and criminal organizations.

 * Who benefits from ISIS attacks, and who has a role in these attacks, especially since Turkey mobilized on the borders of Tal Tamr in conjunction with ISIS attacks and targeted a car carrying military support to the city?  And what are its goals?

 The main beneficiaries of these attacks are the Muslim Brotherhood, the government sponsors of organizations such as ISIS and al-Qaeda.

 These attacks are aimed primarily at re-expanding the circle of Islamic terrorism recruitment, which has declined sharply in recent years.

 secondly, reviving those terrorist sentiments restores governments that sponsor terrorism;  Because it shrinks the circles of opposition to it through terror and exhaustion of opponents.  And thirdly, these attacks give doctrinal legitimacy to those governments in an atmosphere of terrorism.

 *Is there a role for forces present on Syrian territory?  Because the introduction of ISIS into the city, with these weapons, can only take place through the roads leading to the security squares that Damascus runs in the city?

 Certainly, there are branches of terrorist organization cells in these two governments (Syria and Russia).  This is done through bribery, extortion, or ideological alliance.  There is a huge problem with terrorist organizations penetrating the intelligence and government services of these two countries.

 *Why does the whole world talk about the ISIS attack on the Iraqi army, which killed 12 people, but no one talked about the attack on a prison housing 5,000 ISIS militants?  How do you assess the position of the international community?

 Unfortunately, there will be no response from the international community towards this catastrophe.  Because confronting it will open embarrassing questions about the countries sponsoring these organizations, about the catastrophe of handing over Afghanistan to the Taliban under the auspices of Qatar, and questions about hiring Islamists in a guerrilla war between different countries under the banner of Islamic Jihad.

 Why this international failure to resolve the file of ISIS detainees and their families?

 Because ISIS did not grow in a vacuum.  and if it is completely eliminated;  Its movers will not be able to gain the confidence of a new generation of warriors.

 * What is the importance of forming an international tribunal to try ISIS?

 This is very important, but I doubt it will happen.  In 2015, the International Tribunal's chief prosecutor said she did not have sufficient jurisdiction to prosecute ISIS.  This is a diplomatic rhetoric to hide the fact that the international court cannot prosecute ISIS without implicating the government of Turkey, the government of Qatar and Iran in international crimes.