We must rely on PKK as first line of defense against terrorism

Reportaj Summay

We must rely on PKK as first line of defense against terrorism
12 February 2022   05:05

 The Syrian political writer, Muhammad Issa, made it clear that it is in the interest of all humanity, not only to remove the name of the PKK from the "terror list";  Rather, relying on it as the first line of defense against terrorism.

 Intellectuals, writers and people around the world continue to call for the necessity of removing the name of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) from the "terror list".

 Several initiatives and campaigns were also launched in this regard, including the International Justice Initiative for the Kurds on December 13, 2021, with the aim of removing the name of the PKK from the "terror list" established by the United States and the European Council, in which more than a thousand world famous people participated in 30 countries.  , including parliamentarians, academics, political leaders, writers and activists.  It also launched a campaign in Başûr (Southern Kurdistan) for the same goal.

 The Syrian political writer, Muhammad Issa, explains, during an interview with our agency, the reasons for including the name of the party on the "terror list", the constants to remove it from it, and his view of the campaigns and initiatives launched to remove the party's name from this list.

 The following is the text of the interview:

 * What are the reasons for including the PKK “terror list”, the party that struggles for the cause of the oppressed peoples whose rights were taken by the world powers?

 First of all, the issue of the Kurdish people in general and the Kurdish national liberation movement in particular suffer from unequivocal historical grievances, at a time when all international laws and covenants guarantee the right of peoples to self-determination.  The people’s movements and their modern democratic revolutions, starting with the French Revolution and ending with the Communist Revolution, have always worked to perpetuate this right. The Kurdish people find themselves and their active forces deprived of this right between four countries and forced to give up their own cultural identity as a people.  Rather, it finds himself deprived of his most basic rights.

  It was in this climate that the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) arose exclusively in the Turkish environment, and searched for the largest number of the Kurdish nation.  The issue was further complicated by the presence of Turkey as a very important member of NATO, and as the southern border of the former Soviet Union.  In such circumstances, the capitalist countries of the West must collude with the Atlantic Turkey in depriving the Kurdish people and its militant vanguards of the right to struggle and liberation.  This complicity came through the classification of the PKK within the “terror list” as the most representative of the Kurdish people’s struggle, and through its adoption of the famous slogan “Brotherhood of Free Peoples” by Ocalani, considered the vital enemy of the nationalist, imperialist capitalist state, which is inherently hostile to the interests of its peoples.  It is also considered to the same degree a factor of terror for the rest of the regional countries with nationalistic and Islamic beliefs.

 * The PKK has never carried out any terrorist act, but rather struggled to preserve the human values ​​of all components, and gain freedom, especially the freedom of women.  It played a role in the war against ISIS, which was receiving support from Turkey, and despite that, its name was included in the "terror list." In your opinion, aren't these constants enough to remove the party's name from the "terror list"?

 The inclusion of the PKK on the "terror list" is not a new event, but rather an old procedure dating back to the days of the Cold War.  It came as a reward for Turkey by the European Union and America;  The meeting with its involvement in the Western alliance against the forces of world revolution and against communism in particular.  And since the characteristic of the era at that time was the conflict between socialism and capitalism ... which left its trails on the alliances that existed, and also affected the nature of those political alliances and drew their borders to a large extent.  those alignments under which the PKK was not counted as a neutral force;  Rather, it was seen in the imperialist West as a hostile force and within the factions of the global liberation movement. Today, after the end of the Cold War with the defeat of the socialist or communist camp, the nature of the challenges facing the international community has changed.  It also changed the feature of the era to become the face of terrorism.  Let terrorism and Islamic terrorism exclusively be at the forefront as the first threat to peace and stability at the level of all humanity, and at this emergency entitlement, the nature of alliances and alignments will change.  On top of all this, the perception of Turkey and the PKK will change.  The international community and its systems, especially in the European Union, America and even China and the Russian Federation.  Why are the roles reversed?  Turkey moved from a first-line allied state against the Soviet enemy to the first incubator of political Islam with aggressive agendas.  Rather, it is the main incubator for the most dangerous terrorist organizations such as Al-Nusra and ISIS.... And in turn, it will become the Kurdistan Workers' Party with secular and civil orientations and the owner of very advanced propositions on women's issues and the owner of successful experiences in confronting ISIS terrorism.  And then it becomes the hard cash in a political geography that clouds the atmosphere with the values ​​and levers of terrorism.  Based on all of the foregoing, it becomes imperative that the PKK assume its proper position as the first expresser of the conscience of modern civilization in denying terrorism and praising peace, stability and civilisation.  Rather, relying on it as the first line of defense against terrorism.

 * There are wide campaigns throughout Kurdistan and the world in order to remove the name of the PKK from the "terror list".  On December 13, 2021, the International Justice Initiative for the Kurds started. How do you evaluate these initiatives and what is your position on that?

 Concerning the ongoing campaign by Kurdish organizations to work to remove the name of the PKK from the “terror list” of American institutions or others, it must be seen that such existing or planned campaigns do not rise to the level that befits  The role of the party in the historical sense, due to the limited parties seeking so far to carry out this development in the party’s situation... and since the party is inspired by its political programs and struggle plans from the inspiration of the Ocalan philosophy, and since the latter stores very important updates in many fields of knowledge.  Among them is the focus on the disadvantages of the modern capitalist state, and criticism of the socialist economy, which has turned into a monopolistic state capitalist economy, in which the laws of the market have been undermined.  Al-Awlani’s creativity does not stop at this field, but her interest reaches the field of social sciences, so it invents a science about women in the name of “Jinology.” In it, the woman finds a diagnosis of the causes of her suffering, as well as the ways of liberating her and the ways for her to take the role for which she was created.

  Ocalanism does not stop at this point in serving humanity and touching the problems of the times;  Rather, it devotes special attention to environmental issues and the importance  of a beneficial ecological community or environment;  This leads all of humanity and civil society activists in all parts of the world to pay attention to the issue of this party and give it the opportunity to take its role in saving world peace from terrorism, saving the economy from its stumble and justice from blocking its horizons.  Therefore, the issue of the party's rehabilitation is inseparable from the rehabilitation of Ocalanism, both of which require high and responsible attention that goes beyond the Kurdish nation to become a matter of urgent international public opinion.

 * What are the possible developments in the event that the party's name is removed from the "terror list", and what is required now to be done in order to remove its name?

 If the party's name was removed from the "terror list" and rehabilitated, this decision would have a great resonance at the level of world public opinion.  The party will also be able to reach its prospective audience and will lead this broad audience at the level of all regional and global arenas towards the circle of action and struggle and effective influence in the process of the peoples' struggle towards liberation, justice and urbanization.

 * What is your call to the European Union and America to remove the name of the PKK from the "terror list"?

 I call on all intellectuals in the European Union and America, and all those concerned with peace and stability, not to be too late to put the train on the tracks.