YPJ Commander: Our priority is to liberate all women from injustice, oppression

Reportaj Summay

YPJ Commander: Our priority is to liberate all women from injustice, oppression
4 April 2022   05:53

The leadership of the YPJ, Avista Roj, pointed out that the units' struggle was not only to protect women militarily, but also a force based on fundamental protection, fighting all forms of violence and attacks against women, confirming that the units stood up to all abuses against women.* Since its establishment, the YPJ has formed a protective umbrella for all women, and has been able to confront masculine mindset, mercenary groups and the Turkish occupying power. How do you assess the role of Women's Protection Units YPJ at these stages?

At the outset, we remember all the female martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order to reach our present day, and we congratulate them on this day and on all women around the world, the day of the establishment of the Women’s Protection Units, which was not formed out of a vacuum, but rather as a result of obliterating the identity of women through the ages, and which we faced a lot to form There are many difficulties, as we live in a society that imposes decisions on women, and a patriarchal mentality spanning 5,000 years.

In the Middle East society, it was extremely difficult to accept the idea of women taking up arms in the face of the threats they face. The Women's Protection Units fought hard to do so and defended their principles firmly so that they could realize their rights and those of all women.

At the beginning of the establishment, we were very few, and with that small number we gained the trust of thousands of women, became a hope for women who suffered injustice and oppression, and whose eyes awaited freedom. Thanks to our martyrdom, which we remember today with great reverence and respect, we have reached this advanced stage, and with their standing and struggle, the people's trust in us has increased.

* During the fight against ISIS/Daesh mercenaries, the voice of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) came to light. How did this affect Kurdish women and women around the world?

ISIS terrorist organization's war has never seen an example, not only against peoples; It takes a special approach against women, why?

The primary role of ISIS is to impose slavery on women, at its highest levels, as it viewed women as male slaves, sold and bought as slaves and female slaves in the slavery markets, and under the cover of the Islamic religion, ISIS committed brutal crimes against her, and its first goal was to eliminate her Wherever it was, but the Women's Protection Units and as a commando force, saw this truth and its value and stood against it with their will and determination, and we were well aware that if we did not eliminate this masculine mentality in the personality of ISIS, we would not have a bright future, so we stood against this organization with our strength and solid will, and there are true examples of this are our comrades who were martyred and hundreds of others like them in the course of this resistance.

During the battle of Kobani and the war against ISIS, the units made Kobani a free, dignified and internationally known city.

In Kobani's fight against ISIS, the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) played a prominent role in the character of comrade Arin Mirkan, a young Kurdish woman who was a pioneer in this battle, and it was the beginning of the defeat of ISIS in Kobani, thanks to comrade Arine and hundreds of martyred women who fought back and fought until victory.

Now, many are wondering why ISIS fears women and their strength, because it knows that if a woman is in the trenches, she will not give up her position and will not retreat from the confrontation, and this will and determination is thanks to our thought that makes us continue our struggle and confront the enemy of women until the end, this great will has been proven personally Martyr Arin Mirkan.

Why when the terrorist organization ISIS launches its attacks, it says at the beginning if we are killed by a woman, we will not enter the Gardens of Eternity and we will go to Hell. Even when they hear the voice of the companions over the radio, they tremble and tremble at her strength and will; Because a woman will not abandon her trench, even if it comes with her to detonate her hand grenade in herself.

* In your opinion, why do women in north and east Syria, the Middle East and the world closely associate with the Women's Protection Units, how do you evaluate this rapprochement?

Women in Rojava, north and east Syria, the Middle East and the world suffer from one problem, and this problem is what made us meet with each other. The enemy and the reactionary male mentality that prevailed for five thousand years imposed on us slavery, subservience and seeking the approval of others.

In European countries, they see that women have the right to do whatever they want, and women's freedom is demanded more, and I say if we are enslaved, they are enslaved more than us; Because enslavement is not only related to killing, beating and detention, they only release it in the body, and it is more subject to beatings, killings and rape.

The situation of women in the Middle East is tragic. They do not have any rights. They are prevented of opinion and will. Therefore, we must rally around each other. In all countries of the world there is a desire to join the YPJ Women’s Protection Units, so every woman finds that the YPJ represents her. These units were formed under difficult conditions, no country can form an army of women; Because it works with the masculine mentality.

Women’s Protection Units is not only a military force, it is willpower, confidence and steadfastness, based on its fundamental protection, and it fights all forms of violence and sexual prejudice. Therefore, the establishment of any forces if they are not under the leadership of women and their free thought, and are concerned with women’s privacy will not win and will not last.

* The Women's Protection Units (YPJ) are defined as an army to protect women, to activate their role more. What is required of them?

In order to activate the role of the Women’s Protection Units more, it is necessary to intensify military and intellectual training. The victories we have achieved cannot be said to be recent victories. We still have many difficulties and obstacles. We will not reach our freedom and we will not achieve victories if there is one woman who is subjected to injustice and violence in any part of the earth. Our goal is to reach all women, liberate them, support them and provide them with assistance.

The Women's Protection Units are the force of revenge for women. They seek revenge for every woman who has been killed, subjected to violence and rape, and whose rights have been taken from her, as it has taken upon itself to protect every woman.

* The imperialist powers, especially the Turkish occupation state, are seeking to include the Women's Protection Units on the "Terror List", in your opinion, what are the reasons for that?

The imperialist countries, led by the Turkish occupation state, hate women, and this became clear through the system they set in which women serve their home well, determine the number of children to be born, and wear clothes according to their whims. Therefore, when the Women's Protection Units were formed and achieved victory in Kobani, they seemed The Turkish state has shown signs of anger, and since that time until now it has been trying to show obstacles.

The Turkish state does not accept the Kurds or anyone who is related to them. It alienates organized women, and considers that the Women’s Protection Units have deviated from the path set by the Turkish occupation state for women, for fear of transferring this thought to Turkey and waking women from their slumber.

The Turkish occupation state targeted many women leaders in the Women’s Protection Units, who contributed to spreading awareness among women and pushed them to demand their stolen rights, and a number of them were martyred, including the leader Sawsan Berhat, who was one of the pioneering women in establishing the Women’s Protection Units, and for that The Turkish occupation state targets our leaders.

* With regard to crimes committed against women in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, the Women’s Protection Units confirmed on more than one occasion the liberation of women from occupation and mercenaries, as they did in Raqqa, Tabqa and Deir ez-Zor from a mentality like ISIS and the Turkish occupation state. What are your plans, if you can mention them?

We have never lost sight of the violations committed against women in the occupied areas. Turkey and its mercenaries practice all forms of violence, violations and crimes against women in those areas, so it is our priority to reach these women and liberate them from the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation. We seek to develop ourselves in the military and intellectual field further, so that we can liberate them as they were liberated from ISIS mercenaries in Tabqa, Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, Manbij and in the occupied territories.

* How can the Women's Protection Units develop the basic (self) protection foundations in order to protect women from external and internal attacks, and define themselves that their work is not limited to militarism only, but rather seeks to spread the ideology of women's liberation?

The echo of the Kurdish women’s resistance through the Women’s Protection Units spread throughout the Middle East and the world. The resistance and Self-Defense that has developed under the leadership of women is an ideological thought before it was a military one, contributing to paving the way for achieving Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA), and thus contributing to solving the problems of the Middle East from While following the example of the (DAA), the role of women was not limited to the military side only. With the recurrence of events in north and east Syria, especially after the project of the brotherhood of peoples was presented as a political solution for the whole of Syria, Kurdish women tried to prove their presence strongly. In the administrative system of the region, the YPG prepared Earthly women are for all women to form self-contained bodies and institutions made up of women. Women participated in all civil, service and educational institutions, as well as the emergence of effective organizations of their own. Women saw the Women’s Protection Units as a supportive force for women, relying on them in all adversities and working without fear and hesitation.

* Are the Women's Protection Units in contact with women's organizations and military institutions that carry out the tasks of protecting women?

As the Women's Protection Units, we seek to communicate with all women's human rights and political organizations, especially women's institutions and not public, and there are many human rights organizations that were established to protect women's rights, not only in north and east Syria but in the Middle East and the world, we would like to communicate with them Also, and we would also like to exchange experiences with us. We seek to introduce women's protection units, and every women's organization that defends women and their rights. I am sure that the solution to the problem of women and the crises that the world is going through, will be at the hands of women, as women spread justice, freedom and equality, If women are united, then a real and indomitable female power will be formed.

We appeal to all women to join the Women's Protection Units, because they struggle and resist for the freedom of all women, and we congratulate the day of establishing the Women's Protection Units on all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order to enjoy security, safety and peace and obtain our freedom, and we congratulate all women around the world on this great day.