Youth Revolutionary Movement: We have nothing to do with the attack on PDK-RK office

Youth Revolutionary Movement denied any connection to the attack on the PDK-RK office.

Youth Revolutionary Movement: We have nothing to do with the attack on PDK-RK office
29 September 2021   05:18

Youth Revolutionary Movement issued a statement regarding the attack on the PDK-RK office, which it said was unrelated to.

The statement reads:

We, the Youth Revolutionary Movement, since its establishment till the moment, we adopted the revolutionary stand against betrayal approach, and all the kinds of of dependence and cooperation with the enemy, we fought heroically, and many sacrifices had been achieved on this basis, we escalate our struggle in this approach, and the struggle of the revolutionary youth with their stance and resistance, and this stance of our people is a matter of pride

Everyone must know that in the Youth Revolutionary Movement we are decision makers in this revolutionary approach and attitude to the end, and we will have activities, actions, programmes and activities on this basis. But there have been some practices that we have not organized, which have taken place in the name of the revolutionary youth in the recent period, but which do not reflect the truth. PDK-RK, which has nothing to do with us like the Youth Revolutionary Movement

There are special war attacks being developed by Turkish intelligence services led by Turkish state fascists and collaborators of the treason approach. Like the allegations that the revolutionary youth is kidnapping children. There is no doubt that such a situation is a result of the embarrassment caused by the young revolutionary fascists and their collaborators, and a recognition of their defeat.

The firm stance against treason shown by our resistant and honorable people is its response to the treachery approach, and we salute this stance. We also consider it our duty to share this statement with our people, youth and all our supporters, and we extend our greetings.”