​​​​​​​FSP's Youth Council condemns cutting Euphrates water

Today, the Youth Council of the Future Syria Party in Tabqa condemned the crime of cutting off the waters of the Euphrates River by the Turkish occupation state, calling on the international community to pressure the Turkish state.

​​​​​​​FSP's Youth Council condemns cutting Euphrates water
3 May 2021   14:36

The Youth Council made a statement, which was read by the council’s vice-president, Hassan El-kino.

The text of the statement read: “After all the attempts of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries failed to achieve any progress or any remarkable victory in the regions of northeast Syria, Turkey added a new war crime to its record full of criminality, occupation, displacement which is to reduce the amount of water into Syria.

The statement added: "This crime has begun to negatively affect civilians, from Syria to Iraq, which has cut off water and electricity to millions of innocent people, not to mention the environmental damage, which threaten an imminent humanitarian catastrophe."

The statement demanded: "The international community, the United Nations, humanitarian organizations and human rights to intervene and put pressure on the Turkish state regarding the quantities of water agreed to be supplied to the Syrian side."



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