​​​​​​​Syrian personalities: kidnapping and arrest of leader Ocalan is international terrorism

Syrian personalities considered the kidnapping of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the imposition of isolation on him as international terrorism. They stressed the need for concerted efforts between the various social organizations and political parties to achieve his physical freedom.

​​​​​​​Syrian personalities: kidnapping and arrest of leader Ocalan is international terrorism
16 February 2023   21:03

On the 14th of February, the "Syrian Forum on the International Conspiracy February 15th" was held in the city of Al-Hasakah, with the participation of 150 delegates and political and human rights figures from all Syrian regions "Aleppo, Damascus, Jableh, Lattakia and Homs", in addition to the participation of many political figures and heads of parties in North and East Syria and Arab clan dignitaries.

On the sidelines of the forum, the feminist activist from the Jableh region, Insaf Sulaitin, talked to ANHA’s agency, saying, "The Syrian forum on the international conspiracy of February 15th was very important, and despite the humanitarian catastrophe that befell several Syrian regions, it did not prevent us from participating."

And she stated, "The leader Abdullah Ocalan is an international fighter and the owner of an international humanitarian and moral cause," noting, "His capture in this way is a crime of the age, which condemns humanity."

She indicated, "Participating with all components of North and East Syria in the Syrian Forum to remind the whole world of the crime committed against leader Ocalan and to demand his physical freedom is a very important occasion."

An influential and inspiring leader for all peoples

And she added, "Leader Ocalan is an influential and inspiring leader, not only for the Kurdish people, but for all peoples, despite his captivity for 24 years, and everyone testifies to his just cause, philosophy, struggle, and noble goals."

And she continued, "Leader Ocalan, at the age of 24, sacrificed himself for his sincere stances, and we are supposed to be present on such occasions to demand his physical freedom."

"It is the responsibility of everyone to remind the owners of principles and inspiring and exceptional personalities who did not compromise on their position, and who paid a heavy price because of their positions, such as the personality of leader Ocalan, which does not belong to a specific group or people, and to continue to demand his physical freedom."

Leader Ocalan's thought serves all Syrians

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Syrian Change and Renaissance Party, Mustafa Qalaji, who is from the city of Aleppo, said, "The plot that was hatched against the leader Ocalan in 1999 is a conspiracy against the people of the region, by which they wanted to eliminate the human thought that provided solutions to the components of the region absolutely, to continue exploiting the bounties of the region." region, and the realization of the Turkish Misak-ı Millî.

Mustafa Qalaji explained, "The thought of the leader Ocalan serves all Syrians with their various national affiliations, and the isolation imposed on him and his kidnapping and arrest are considered international terrorism."

At the end of his speech, Qalaji said, "It requires recognition that the international community is unfair towards our issues, and we are supposed to defend them by mobilizing the street and unifying the efforts of organizations and parties."

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