Revolutionary Youth demands immediate disclosure of Ocalan's health status

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement and the Young Women’s Union demanded immediate permission to see the status and health of the leader Ocalan, after news spread on Turkish media outlets indicating the deterioration of Ocalan's health status.

Revolutionary Youth demands immediate disclosure of Ocalan's health status
15 March 2021   15:18

Dozens of young people gathered and made a statement about news published on the media of the Turkish occupation indicating the deteriorating health conditions of the leader in Imrali prison, and the Youth said in their statement:

"It should be known that the leader Ocalan is the red line for the Kurdish people. we, youth, make it clear that the information published on the Turkish fascist state's media must be immediately clarified. The information that is spread about the leader of the peoples comes from tight isolation. This isolation must be broken urgently and the bodily freedom of the leader, Apo, must be guaranteed.

Otherwise, each arena will witness events and uprisings, and every different situation, the Turkish state and its allies will be responsible for. When the matter is the leader Apo, then our existence is the matter, and therefore all forms of positions are legitimate. As the youth of the leader, Apo, no one can stop us except the leader.

The family of the leader Apo and his lawyers must go immediately to Imrali and set the conditions for the meeting.

We call on all youth to turn all the squares into arenas for uprising and struggle to achieve the bodily freedom of the leader, Apo."