Khalil: Kurds must get ready for global developments through unity

Reportaj Summay

Khalil: Kurds must get ready for global developments through unity
21 August 2020   20:56

Aldar Khalil, a member of the Co-presidency of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), said that the global arena is witnessing rapid developments as a result, the Kurds must be ready through Kurdish unity, noting to the continuation of the Kurdish talks to reach an agreement on the controversy points.

At a time, discussions among the Kurdish parties are continuing, the global arena is witnessing rapid developments, where all parties target the peoples of northeast of Syria. In this context, our agency interviewed a member of the Co-presidency of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Aldar Khalil, to talk about Kurdish unity, negotiations between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian government, and the strife created by some parties and the special war that is being waged in the region.

In the first part of the dialogue, we will talk about Kurdish unity importance and latest developments, the formation of the so-called Peace and Freedom Front impact on Kurdish unity.

The text of the interview reads:

What is the importance of Kurdish unity at the current stage?

Kurdish unity is a topic related to all parts of Kurdistan and the Kurds all over the world. The region is witnessing now, as hundreds of years ago, new developments on the world stage. We have to be prepared for this stage, on this basis, holding a comprehensive national conference in Kurdistan is necessary. There were some efforts in 2013 in this context, but unfortunately it did not last, we hope to continue preparing for this conference through the unity of the Kurdish ranks in all parts of Kurdistan.

There is agreement to some extent in Rojava, and intensive meetings in this regard, as 24 parties are now allied. We are working together to develop this alliance.

On the other hand, there are parties outside this alliance, we are now trying to include the Kurdish National Council in Syria in the Kurdish National Unity Parties.

After the first phase of the talks, the second will address many topics, such as the opinions and points of difference between the two parties. The talks are continuing, as we try to reach agreement points and agree on the disputed ones later.

The challenging points are related to administration, training and protection. We are trying to agree on these points. We do not want to make deal with any party in exchange for destroying of the past years' gains, because this is not considered loyal towards our people's sacrifices during the revolution. Unity of the Kurdish ranks is a matter of concern for all parts of Kurdistan not only Rojava. The current talks in the region are preparation for a comprehensive national conference for all parts of Kurdistan.

What are the challenges that face these talks?

In fact, we do not want to talk about it because it may negatively affects the current stage, but we can say that we have some points that we are trying to protect strongly, which are the martyrs' gains so we do not make an agreement in exchange for everything to go in vain. We are trying to overcome points of difference.

During the talks of the Kurdish unity, the so-called Peace and Freedom Front was announced, will this announcement affect the talks?

The administration of northern and eastern Syria is based on the ideology of the democratic nation, and this project, as everyone knows, depends on ensuring the rights of everyone in the region and preserving the co-existence among all components.

Recently, some parties tried to attack this project, and they said that their project, "The Peace and Freedom Front" also includes Arabs, Syriacs and other components, and used this paper to create contradictions among the components that share with each other in the administration.

This front has no meaning during the discussions that are currently taking place among the Kurdish parties, especially since everyone knows the truth about this front which was formed from an internal vacuum and includes several personalities that can be counted on the fingers of the hand, and it is intended to be an alternative to the current administration in northern and eastern Syria.

Some parties use this front in the media outlets, but afterwards it will not have any results because in fact they have nothing on the ground.

We have not made any statements regarding this front although we know that this front is an attempt to pressure the discussions that are currently taking place.

Some parties seek, through their statements, to keep the peoples of the region away from the reality of what is happening in the talks, personalities from the national unity parties who spoke about the talks are also being targeted, what is the reason in your opinion?

When talking about the agreement of the Kurdish parties, there is no doubt that all of us are happy with that, but there are facts, and our job is to announce them to our people, and when we talk about the talks, we must tell the truth, and not hide anything from our people, whether positive or negative.

Yes, there are sometimes difficulties, and one of the parties does not accept some conditions. We cannot deceive our people, and we are forced to tell the truth, but the parties to the special war and our enemies who do not want Kurdish unity to be achieved get upset when we say the truth and about the attempts to overcome these difficulties, so these parties seek to find a point of attack through them, target the Kurdish unit, and conceal what is happening on the ground.

We have to be wary of the special war that is being waged against the region because the parties that launch these attacks will say if unity is achieved: You have no role in it because you were originally against it, and if it was not achieved they will say: It did not happen because you were basically against it. We must be wary of this special war.

Certainly, none of the interlocutors can ignore the gains made in northern and eastern Syria and what has been built over the past years and so far, so everyone must work to achieve this unity.

Note: The second part of the dialogue includes the negotiations that took place between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian government, the attempts of some parties to create a kind of confusion in Deir ez-Zor regions, and the repercussions of the Turkish state's recruitment of agents in northern and eastern Syria.