​​​​​​​Aldar Khalil: We will not remain hands folded in case of an attack

Reportaj Summay

​​​​​​​Aldar Khalil: We will not remain hands folded in case of an attack
17 April 2022   21:04

Aldar Khalil said that there is a wide range plot by the Turkish occupation state to carry out an attack on Kurdistan Mountains, Shingal and Rojava of Kurdistan. 

Aldar Khalil, member of the Co-chairmanship of the  Union Democratic Party, the PYD, was interviewed by ANHA to shed light on the bids exerted by Turkish occupation state to exploit the world's preoccupation with the war in Ukraine to carry out an attack on Kurdistan with the complicity of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK. Aldar Khalil called on peoples of the region to adopt resistance and be ready for that.

Aldar Khalil said calculations of the Turkish state are based on how to carry out an attack on the center of the Kurdish freedom movement in Kurdistan Mountains, how to destroy the guerilla fighters, how to put an end to the democratically observed idea in Rojava and the Administration that was set up and the gains made to be breached. To do all of these it ought to take okay from both Russian and the U.S.  Turkey seeks now to get that okay to as the world is preoccupied by the war in Ukraine. It interfered in Iraq and played it role to decide the president of Iraq. It weakened the Iraqi government. The state of Iraq being weak serves its interests and enables it to do whatever it likes there. And to carry out any attack wherever it likes. All of this is done with the complicity of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. For this its plots are carried out easily.

Regarding North and East Syria Aldar Khalil said:

''Turkey wants to adopt a policy that goes in line with Russian and the U.S. to appease both of them. If it was it the decider it would have carried out the attack on Rojava and the medya defense zones at the onset of this month. But the transformations that happened on the international arena changed the course.

We should not forget the Turks never gave up their plot for a day. The Turks are planning to attack the region but how. They want to reach a compromise with the powers active in Ukraine war. What concerns us is that not how it reaches these compromises rather to make it uneasy when it carries out such an attack, to put the region in the throes of another war crisis. we ought to be ready well and be ready towards any changes that may take place, diplomatically, politically militarily or even culturally. 

On the wall of separation being built between Rojava and Shingal and the trenches running 230 km on the North and East Syrian border member of the Co-chairmanship of the  Union Democratic Party, the PYD, said:

''the wall being built around Shingal is in its essence a scheme hatched by the Turkish occupation state, it is not a one of the Iraqi government. Because there is not a government, and it has no such a scheme on its agendas. It was the Turks who convinced it to build such a wall via the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and via Kazimi too.  Building the wall between Rojava and Shingal has two objects; the first is to blockade Rojava and besiege it, just to deprive Rojava of all external aids. It is besieged from the side of mercenaries, the wall built by the Turkish state and the Iraqi government and the Damascus government too. By so Rojava is going to be besieged. The second is  relates to Shingal itself; it is one of the results of the alliance of the Kurdistan Democratic Party with the Turks who promised them to exit the people of Shingal and surrender them.by doing so, one main objects is to prevent Shingal from any support or defend it. They aim to suffocate it.   

This is a joint plot between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Turks and others powers in the Iraqi government that has not been formed yet. Some of these parts want to take the chance and to make use of the delay in forming the Iraqi government for their aims.

On the position to be taken in case of an attack carried out Aldar Khali said:

In case an attack carried out it means it will destroy everyone. It is not merely an attack on the guerrilla fighters, an area or a region alone. It is to put an end to the project overall. It is a decision taken to put an end to the project of the North and East Syria. It would be of no use to look and watch merely what happens. Everything is intermingled. If an attack carried out there it would affect us here too. Then it would be as a series of events. If the war is met with success there then North and East Syria would be the second phase. The war may be launched at both at the same time or one after another.  It may start from Kurdistan Mountains then Shingal and Rojava or it be the opposite. What is of concern is that the plot is one and overall. They are not there separate plots that one may be carried out while the remainder not. The most important point here is that everyone should adopt resistance and be ready for it. 

Aldar Khalil said any attack on the guerrilla, Shingal, Rojava or Southern Kurdistan make no difference for they are all Kurdistan.  We ought to make our calculations as we aspire to and dream of . resistance is the sole option to survive and to stand up to them. We ought to develop our capabilities. We do not have planes but the people is capable to develop itself and develop the self-defense system. We can make a system inside quarters and in villages to defend ourselves in case of any attack. This is to be or not to be. We ought to stand up to these attempts and those deal with the Turkish state and make alliances with it. We ought to warn them and stop them before the war starts. 

On the position undertaken by Kurdistan Democratic Party and the alliances it makes with the Turkish occupation state PYD's said:

''PDK signed an alliance of war with the Turkish state. Why do we put on the agendas? We say to retreat before it starts. If the war starts it could no longer retreat. At the very moment the war starts it is engaged in it. Then what benefits the Kurds would catch? The Kurds would be the desperate and the Kurdish question would receive blows. This is not in their interest. There is not Kurdish benefit in a place the Turks are victorious. Even if provisionally some personal interest may survive. Where Turkish state attains victory there remains no democracy, equality, freedom or rights.

Even though the Turks accept the region and sit at one table though no flag is hoisted and no capacities are mentioned. Let they know this if they sit with them it is because we are present. His will not take place if we are not present.

It is time for those persons and figures to consider themselves and to preserve their values and principles. They ought to defend the guerrilla fighters, the freedom movement and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. They ought to do that to preserve their position. If this not undertaken they are in danger too.  

Finally PYD's touched upon the Social Contract drafting in North and East Syria and said:

''it was presumed that elections had been held since a year. This affects us generally. In the  Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria there are some bodies whose works need rectification. There are some jobs that need be changed. Some systems of work ought to be rectified and we should listen to criticism of the local people. They said let us wait until an agreement with the Kurdish national council reached. This impinged upon us.

We want this campaign to be a new organizational step and to build and consolidate the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria where everyone and parts could contribute and to join this administration democratically. We have still two major points; drafting the Social Contract and to hold elections afterwards. ''