SDC official reveals details about goal of al-Jazeera, Euphrates regions' conference

Reportaj Summay

SDC official reveals details about goal of al-Jazeera, Euphrates regions' conference
19 August 2020   22:03

According to Ilham Ahmed's statement to Hawar, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) is heading towards a discussion forum or conference that brings together all the people of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates regions with various political and partisan trends, societal groups, and clans to reach a model for managing the region, whether by developing and improving the Autonomous Administration (AA), or the civil administration model it will start from seminars and mini-discussion forums.On the 31st of last July, the Syrian Democratic Council announced that it will begin holding dialogue seminars for representatives of the people; intellectuals, academicians, chiefs and elders of clans in order to promote co-existence, brotherhood and unity of their destiny in a new step by SDC to strengthen and consolidate the Syrian dialogue among the people of the region after what it witnessed of recent political developments.

The series of dialogue seminars comes in order to call for a Syrian dialogue in an expanded dialogue conference that will be held in the coming period among the people of north and east Syria in order to achieve more solidarity and cooperation in the face of what threatens the security and stability of the region, according to what the Head of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmed stated in her press interview with Hawar agency.

What is the conference that SDC seeks to reach at the current stage, and what is its importance?

It is an internal dialogue between the Autonomous Administration and the people of the areas of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates regions. As you know, the situation in the region, especially in the recent period is the most secure and stable, but the external interference, whether from the regional countries, the Syrian regime, or by factions always sought to undermine this stability, including areas in Deir ez-Zor and the recent events that were the product of this external intervention, and the result of the presence of ISIS sleeper cells there, on which these countries and powers depend to strike the security and stability of the region.

Therefore, we have seen that developing an internal dialogue between the people of the region and the components of the region is an urgent and necessary matter in order to reinforce, strengthen and develop the Autonomous Administration which is considered one of the basic necessities, especially after what we see and hear of criticisms about the performance of some in the media outlets, the meeting held with all parties, and invitations which call for the development of these administrations formed in northern and eastern Syria.

The criticisms do not mean that the Autonomous Administration is unable and is not capable and that this project should be torpedoed. On the contrary, we must listen to these criticisms, take notes into account, and strengthen these autonomous administrations in another way, so a project was proposed to develop internal dialogues between the people of the region in the two regions of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates, which was necessary for the Syrian Democratic Council to undertake this kind of dialogue seminars.

Within this framework, it is possible that an expanded meeting will be held at the entire level of the two regions to reach the necessary recommendations regarding the Autonomous Administration, the region and its people to secure their demands, improve their livelihoods, and achieve a better model of good management, whether Autonomous or Civil Administration.

What parties will be targeted in this initiative that SDC will take on?

When the Autonomous Administration was formed, it had many supporters and advocators and still have, but there is a group that is not part of these administrations, meaning that it is not represented, whether it is a section of the clans, or technocratic personalities, or political parties and blocs, some of them loyal to the Syrian regime, and some of them to the coalition, or independents not linked to any political parties and blocs.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the views of all the people of the region, whether they are loyal to the regime, the external opposition, or independents, or those within the Autonomous Administration who carry some criticisms about the mechanism of work of these administrations, and that developing dialogue with these parties will contribute to improving the performance of this administration, in addition to changing policy according to the suggestions that everyone will make within the framework of this initiative.

How will this expanded conference and the current mechanism work of the Council be reached?

There will be preparatory steps, including the holding of mini-forums and seminars, in which an internal dialogue will be held at the level of each canton, which will be held in "Qamishlo, al-Hasakah, Deir ez-Zor, al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa, Manbij and Kobane," and may bring together a certain number of the region's people; the representatives of the Autonomous Administration and those outside this Administration.

 In these seminars and mini-forums, discussions will take place and suggestions will be made about some points that the Syrian Democratic Council will bear, whether on the issue of historical relations among the components of the region and their role in shaping the future of Syria, in addition to the Syrian-Syrian dialogues and negotiations that have taken place so far, whether with the opposition or the Syrian regime, or the Kurdish-Kurdish because there are different visions for each side on some points, there are those who support and those who oppose.

The discussion will also take place on the point of the Autonomous Administration, its rights and obligations, what are the points that can be raised and discussed in the performance of these departments in terms of politics, security and service, and taking suggestions and criticisms to come up with a set of recommendations for follow-up with the Autonomous Administration in its various aspects to reach a good management model, so that all the people of the region see themselves within this Administration, and to be a step to consolidate stability in other Syrian regions due to the participation of many delegations that will attend the conference from outside the Autonomous Administration areas to benefit from what the region is witnessing.

Why is not al- Shahba canton on the agenda of the expanded conference despite the presence of the Autonomous Administration there?

Al-Shahba is part of the Autonomous Administration, and the people of al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo are also part of the Administration. Improving the Autonomous Administration concerns these areas as well, but the status of al-Shahba areas there differs and is not similar to the situation here. Al-Shahba is an area now inhabited by the forcibly displaced from Afrin, and they have many problems and issues, but they are not similar to the issues in the east of the Euphrates, so the specificity of these areas will be taken into consideration, and there will be another program on the table regarding those areas.

What is the second step after the dialogue seminars and mini-forums to reach the expanded conference?

After these mini-forums and seminars, we will organize an expanded meeting, in which many personalities from the notables of the region and clans will attend, in addition to the personalities of technocrats, intellectuals, feminist and youth community activities, and civil institutions, representing the people of the entire region at the level of the Euphrates and al-Jazeera regions, in which a paper will be launched, we can call it a national pact, or a paper towards consolidating stability in the region, according to what was agreed upon in the seminars and mini-forums for discussion, and then come out with the formation of a follow-up committee to follow up the implementation of the recommendations that will be issued from this meeting.

The big gathering that will meet at the last meeting, which is the conference, will exceed thousands and they will be representatives of the region, but nevertheless, if there are any suggestions and observations from the public, the way will be open to any comment or proposal from the people at the end to take it into account and discuss the last recommendations that will be issued by this expanded conference.

Will the recent recommendations focus on northern and eastern Syria only, or will they be on the Syrian level?

Of course, the recommendations that will be drawn up will be specific to the region, but there will be general articles and recommendations concerning Syria, whether the issue of Syrian territorial integrity or the political solution, as these will be basic and general, concerning all of Syria and not the region alone.

Sharing the results of this forum or conference with the political forces and the other Syrian opposition will be a priority, considering the other forces hostile to this project are always interested in the differences in this region, and they are constantly trying to further destabilize it, so delivering the idea to all parties, whether regional, international, or national will be necessary.

The Syrian Democratic Council, with some other forces and independent personalities, has another project to solve the Syrian crisis on the Syrian level in general, and it is currently working with the democratic opposition forces, as there is a continuation of this project.