​​​​​​​Aldar Khalil: regime does not want solution, Russia looks for its interests, Turkey wants to eliminate AA

Reportaj Summay

​​​​​​​Aldar Khalil: regime does not want solution, Russia looks for its interests, Turkey wants to eliminate AA
22 August 2020   20:41

Aldar Khalil said that dialogue is the basis for resolving the Syrian crisis, and he stressed that the regime does not take serious steps and does not want a solution, Russia is looking for its own interests in the country, while Turkey seeks through special, diplomatic and military means of war to eliminate the Autonomous Administration (AA), and he made clear that the joint struggle is a guarantee of foiling all policies and preserving acquisitions.
At a time when the Syrian regime is trying to create strife in the regions of northern and eastern Syria and incite the components against each other, Turkey is working to spread its spies in the region and use social media outlets to separate the components and strike the gains they achieved together during the years of the revolution.

In this context, our agency held a dialogue with the member of the Co-Chairmanship of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Aldar Khalil, to talk about negotiations between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian government, and the Russian role in that, in addition to what the Deir ez-Zor region witnessed recently and the arrest of spies working for the Turkish occupation state.

The following is the text of the interview:

Earlier talks were discussed between the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the Syrian government. Where did these talks reach and are there new agreements between the two parties?

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria entered into some negotiations with the Syrian government mediated by Russia, aimed at resolving the Syrian crisis and implementing a democratic system with each other to solve the existing crisis in Syria.

Everyone talks about protecting the integrity of the Syrian territories and putting an end to the fighting between the parties. So the Syrian-Syrian dialogue is very necessary, and anything contrary is like a message for the Autonomous Administration to directs to other ways and means.

If the Autonomous Administration agrees with Damascus, then it will not be obliged to agree with foreign companies or countries, and the government must see that there is an administration on the ground and negotiate with it.

In global countries, governments negotiate with several people if they agree, and in northern and eastern Syria what exists is not a union or an association, but rather an administration made up of the region's components. However, until now, the government says it does not see anything and has not taken any positive step, and according to our information there are no meetings currently between the Administration and the government, and the government has not taken any serious or positive step in this context yet.

What are the demands of the Syrian government from the Autonomous Administration, and is the government's project on returning the area to before 2011 still standing?

The regime says that since 1963, the Baath Party has run Syria, and according to the logic of the regime, the fate of the country is related to one party, which is the Baath. It sees that since 2011 a new phase has started, and it is under the illusion that there were extremist groups that took some people out to demonstrate, killed some of them and deserted others, and thinks that it can continue as it was earlier, and the truth is that the country will not return to the way it was, everything has been changed and even the people of the country have been changed.

 So thinking of returning to what the country was earlier is a dream that will not come true.

The regime so far imagines that the region will return to what it was, and in fact this regime has no intention of negotiations or dialogue, and when we say this, it does not mean that our hopes have ended. According to my information, the Autonomous Administration also has hopes for dialogue, ending this current crisis in the country and reaching a solution for the future Syria.

We are also the owners of this country and its people, and the regime also has rights. As the people of Syria, we also have all the rights to administration, and we are also responsible for Damascus, Daraa, Homs and the rest of the Syrian regions. Yes, we demand here our rights and our identity as Kurds and the rest of the other components, but we do not separate ourselves from Syria, and the regime must think as well.

The problems occurring in the region are at the same time problems for the Syrian regime, and it is responsible for solving them as well.

 The regime is not fulfilling its duties, for example, during the region being under occupation by Turkey, what did the regime do against this occupation? Why did it not take steps against it, and when the Turkish occupation cut off the water from the people of al-Hasakah, why did not the regime take steps? Is not the city of al-Hasakah, a Syrian city? Why has not the regime submitted any complaint to European countries and international organizations against the Turkish occupation yet?

Afrin, Girê Spî, Serêkaniyê, Azaz and al-Bab are occupied by Turkey, what did the regime do for these areas? Logic says that the regime does not see these areas as part of Syria, and this is what we see being applied on the ground, and at the same time it does not accept dialogue, despite this, it comes out and says that the intention of the Autonomous Administration is to divide Syria, and the one responsible for dividing Syria is the regime.

We have said from the beginning until now that all the goods of this land belong to the Syrian people completely, and we always say that our water, land, and oil are for all the Syrian people, and from this point of view, if the Syrian regime does not accept dialogue, then it has no right to say why goods are not offered to it.

The regime which does not take any steps has plunged Syria with this mentality into a major crisis.

The Syrian regime recruited a number of young men in Deir ez-Zor and killed a number of Arab tribal leaders and sheikhs, and on the second day it accused the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria of that.

The regime openly says that it does not accept that the people of the region administrate their region, why does not this regime accept Deir ez-Zor Council to manage its region, so why did the regime flee when ISIS entered the area and did not protect it? Where was it when ISIS killed hundreds of the Shaitat tribe in Deir ez-Zor? Why is it now trying to create strife in this region?

We have to know well whoever escaped from Deir ez-Zor and whoever sacrificed martyrs until its liberation, and we also have to ask whoever provides water, bread and services for the people of Deir ez-Zor. Yes, it is the Autonomous Administration that liberated the people of Deir ez-Zor and provided everything it could to its people.

If this regime sees itself as responsible for all the Syrian lands, then it must be at the level of responsibility, it has to be responsible for what is happening in Deir ez-Zor for the security and safety of Qamishlo, Kobane and Afrin, for al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa, Manbij, Jarablus, Azaz, al-Bab, Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî, Idlib and all other regions.

We have to ask the regime why it stands with those who create chaos, instability and discord in the safe areas, why does not this regime show a stance against the occupation in Afrin, Girê Spî, Serêkaniyê, Azaz, al-Bab and Jarablus, what does that mean? Is this how patriotism is!

It is imperative that the Syrian regime not think about before 2011, meaning that the idea of one party and governing with a centralized system must be forgotten by the Syrian regime.

We never said that we would seize power, and we did not have a war to gain power. We want a democratic Syria that guarantees the brotherhood of peoples, co-existence and the right of the Kurdish people, and whoever wants it then can reach an agreement to build the future Syria.

What is the position of the Russians on the dialogue of the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian government?

Russia clearly protects its interests and its presence in Syria, so its protection of the regime means protecting its presence in Syria, and that is why it concluded agreements with Turkey and made many concessions to Erdogan as it is concluding agreements and plans at the present time with Erdogan. Russia wants to implement some of its plans via Turkey, and has not fulfilled its promises regarding the Turkish attacks yet. On the contrary, the Turkish attacks sometimes occur before the eyes of the Russians that act as if they see nothing.

Russia's policy is known despite the Autonomous Administration's continuous meetings with it, and there is no Russian move regarding the meetings taking place between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian government.

During the past month, Deir ez-Zor regions witnessed intense movements of the Syrian regime after its cells targeted a number of tribal figures, what was the goal of that?

The regime thinks that it will eliminate everyone and restore the situation to before 2011, as it attacked the mercenaries in the Syrian cities with the support of Russia and Iran and in agreement with Erdogan and drove them out of the Syrian cities. The so-called Free Army had completely encircled the vicinity of Damascus, but after Russia and Turkey agreed, these groups were expelled from the vicinity of Damascus and occupied Afrin, and the matter continued until the Syrian regime took control of al-Ghouta and the rest of the other Syrian areas.

From this standpoint, the regime thinks that after it has eliminated the armed groups in the Syrian cities, how can it eliminate the Autonomous Administration?

The regime cannot directly fight the Autonomous Administration because this administration has prepared itself with its strong organization, so it does not have an opportunity to attack it, so it wants to use the people of the region against the administration as it did in 2004, when it created a strife in a football match between Deir ez-Zor and Qamishlo teams, and wanted to create a strife between the Kurds and the Arabs, and it is good that the people were vigilant and were not drawn behind those games.

Regarding the situation of Deir ez-Zor, its situation is special compared to other Syrian regions due to its location on the Iraqi border, and in the past during Mulla Mostafa Barzani's revolution against Saddam Hussein, the region had another peculiarity. The regime believes that the Arabs in other regions have been living in agreement with the Kurds since years, so it aims to move and use the people in Deir ez-Zor, but it forgot that the people of Deir ez-Zor saw how the Kurds and other components of al-Jazeera region sacrificed themselves in order to liberate them from ISIS.

During the Turkish attacks on Serêkaniyê, the people of Deir ez-Zor were martyred defending it, so the regime seeks to strike the Autonomous Administration, and uses the oil paper and the American presence as a means, so what is it saying are arguments. Let us ask why America is here? The regime does not create solutions. If it found solutions, there would be no American presence.

 The regime asks: Why are all the capabilities at the hands of the Autonomous Administration? This administration protects the region and its gains, and the responsibility lies with it towards its people, and it must provide services for them.

In the countries of the world when there is an area belonging to a party, it has its own budget, but the regime does not provide anything for these areas, and today there is an administration that protects these areas. When an agreement occurs between it and the administration then it can complain, but it did not hold any agreement, and on the opposite, the responsibility of this administration increases, and this means that it does not want the solution.

Did the regime reach its goal in Deir ez-Zor?

The regime did not reach its goal. It is true that it reached some patriots who wanted to protect the brotherhood of the peoples and strive for the sake of their people and Syria, but when you think politically and strategically, it did not develop anything, and on the contrary it exposed itself.

What does it mean to organize people and push them to carry out assassinations, reach the point of perdition and reduce the hopes of reaching the Syrian-Syrian dialogue? The regime put its accounts on these games, but it was wrong. When all the state and authority regimes try to protect themselves, they create spies for themselves in order to strike the front line.

In the recent period, spy networks working for the Turkish state have appeared in the regions of northern and eastern Syria. In your opinion, what is their purpose and for what is Turkey planning?

As for Turkey, it sees the project of brotherhood of peoples, the democratic nation, co-existence, and the democratic system as its end, and that is why it seeks with all its strength to eliminate it, and seeks to do so through a media, political, diplomatic, military and intelligence war, and therefore it organizes spies for it.

Turkey uses intelligence arms in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, but soon the way was blocked to its attempts by the security forces and the intelligence of the Autonomous Administration which reached an advanced stage and is able to detect and arrest members of the spy networks as quickly as possible.

The Turkish authorities attack the gaps in the environment of northern and eastern Syria, and if they do not find it, they use digital technology and social media websites with extreme precision in order to access information, spy on cell phones and track citizens' communications, and monitor their activities only to reach their desired goal.

The Turkish state disavows all international laws and provisions that prohibit spying on citizens, and if possible, the state must obtain approval and permission before embarking on this matter, and what is known about the Turkish authorities are indifferent to the stipulated laws and customs, and spy on citizens without much consent.

The Turkish state uses the media outlets in professional ways, it has previous experiences in this regard, it has high potential and wide fields in this regard. It does not use the visual and audio media outlets such as organizational or civil institutions, but rather directs the helm of government towards what it wants to publish by accurate means to achieve its aim and deliver the information to the reader indirectly under the name of "social media". Turkey is known for its complete privacy in transmitting information, and not showing its policy to the public, and when it wants to attack a region, it passes the friendly and affectionate neighbor policy, before spreading its toxins in the desired circles for launching the attack on them.

The Turkish state practices the policy of special warfare before any attack on a region begins, and it sows mystery in the souls of those who have achieved many gains from their revolution. For example, the success and development of the democratic nation project is a victory in itself, especially for the people in north and east Syria, and it is clear in the Middle East that they cannot adopt this principle and agree to it, and in several countries in the region, they co-exist with this principle; however, until now, they have not been able to resolve all outstanding disputes among them, and to achieve consensus on only one step.

On the contrary, since 9 years, we, in northern and eastern Syria, adopted the principle of brotherhood of peoples and co-existence among us, including Arabs, Syriacs and Kurds, even if we sometimes reached a dead end, we support this principle by various means, so we have to carefully consider Turkey's policy. It does not appear publicly that it is against our project, and does not want it to survive and continue, but rather uses a hidden policy, striking a chord by saying that "this project has lost the rights of the Kurds, and where are the Kurds from this project?"

As if they now realized that the Kurds have an existence, and not only that, as if it was the one that built and liberated the state of Kurdistan according to their words, following the policy of approaching the Kurds and showing the other side, but its real goal is to draw and attract the Kurds towards it, as if it was the sent to save the Kurds from oppression, but in its truth, it is nothing but to bring about a change in the Kurdish opinion and pitting society against the democratic nation.

On the other hand, our presence is linked to the existence of the Society-Women Protection Forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, as they achieved victory and gains, and defeated ISIS in its last strongholds. Our sitting now and at this time is a conclusive evidence of our victory, but the enemy refused to settle for this victory, sowing discord and destabilizing the security in the region by spreading rumors about the Syrian Democratic Forces, the reason for the existence of the Self-Defense Duty, the waste of the blood of the martyrs and the infliction of pain on the mothers of the martyrs, so whoever hears these sayings will certainly be deceived by them, but basically it wants to reduce the tasks of these forces, weaken them and remove them.

The cutting of water from the city of al-Hasakah is also part of the special war, when Turkey cuts off water to a million people, it is fully aware of what it is doing, and what is its purpose from that, as it is through its spy networks directing the people's attention towards the Autonomous Administration and holding it fully responsible for cutting off the water, and at the same time there are those who claim that they are patriots and representatives of the people's rights, and their home is next to the International Court, "The Hague", and that they can file an official case against Turkey, but they were also deceived to believe that the Autonomous Administration is responsible and Turkey has no hand in that.

What is noticeable is that the people of north and east Syria are peaceful, and they call for freedom and peace despite all the attacks and plots that have been hatched against them, and yet we did not raise the banner of war, unlike the hostile forces that pursue a policy of divide and rule, while there are forces that compete and fight with each other. Despite the attempts of some to find appropriate solutions that suit both parties, their acceptance does not constitute a difference and a deterrent to nullifying the dispute.

For example, when the court issues a decision about an affair, those who pursue special warfare turn the decision upside down, by putting a wrong address to attract the reader, and this matter opens the way to attacking the court's decision and showing a reverse image other than what it was in the past, and not realizing at the same time that you have become a tool for passing deceptive policy and participating in waging a war on your region, so I called it the concept of special war.

We are now in a vortex of special warfare, if we are not alert to what is happening in the arena, it will open the door wide to attack the Autonomous Administration, including civil and military institutions because society has fallen under the influence of social media website to a large extent, and Turkey is well aware of what it is doing, it does not attack the administration publicly because the policy followed now is not like its predecessor, only through a website on the Facebook platform you can publish what you want, and sometimes the reader reaches the point of persuading what has been stated to become a tool and a pawn.

To protect the truth and the rights of the people, we must resist, but unfortunately we stand by until we reach a level that we are under its influence without asking about the truth. For example, there may be some shortcomings, and we can express it in better ways without attacking the institution, without any prejudice, or distortion to approach this institution, and to present an objection and criticism with us. For example: If there is a decision issued by any court, which may be wrong, we can object to the court's council, as the court may be right and has many components that were absent from us, or we can explain some things that may have been absent from the court, its effects and aspects, or let us assume that the administration issued a wrong decision, here we can apply to Parliament or the relevant councils with what the administration has made of a mistake in the issued decision. At that time, it may become clear to us some things that we were ignorant of, and the decision may be correct after we have considered its background.

We have to bear each other and cooperate, for all the collaborators, workers and those who manage the administration institutions today are from the region, so is it appropriate to attack people and accuse them of corruption only based on hearsay and hadiths, without knowing their truth, or just because it was wrong, even in Islam it is said, "Some speculation is wrong." Therefore, it is necessary to find out, research and question the background of the incident, discover its truth, and then judge the individual or the subject. In this way, this society and the administration, side by side, can develop management, overcome mistakes, and protect it from any attack.

Another example, training and education, there is a training system in the region, the stages of which have evolved stage by stage, there is preparation of the curricula, there is preparation for teachers, there are curricula prepared, there may be some parties that have other visions about some lessons or some points in this existing system, or there may be wrong lessons from an intellectual point of view, then we can visit the competent authorities or send proposals to avoid mistakes, is it not better than defamation, distortion and attacks that may target the moral side of the parties working in this field, which may limit the development of these parties.

Therefore, we must all be vigilant about the special war because the special war is being systematically waged against our society, so it tries to separate us, differentiate between the Kurds and the Arabs, and tries to provoke some institutions over others, causing us to lose confidence in our institutions, all of which fall in the interest of the enemy.

How do the people of northern and eastern Syria protect themselves from these attacks and what is required?

Above all, the existing institutions and the gains that have been achieved came as a result of the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs and the people of the region despite the presence of some mistakes and shortcomings, and if we do not preserve these gains, they will contribute to the negative impact on the situation of society in general, which may pave the way for the development of ISIS, the regime and clients in the region, and preserving these gains is the responsibility of everyone. The solution lies in the democratic nation's project, with a participatory life, brotherhood of peoples, freedom and democratic thought.

Everyone should know that the revolution is continuing and has not ended yet, we are still in the early stages of the revolution, and there are difficulties in the stages that lie ahead. We must know that not all matters are as we wish, we must be prepared for everything, and we do not have to draw ourselves a fantasy far from the fact. We are here in Syria, in the north and east of Syria, and in Rojava different components, nationalities and peoples. We must be together to protect these gains, and raise the pace of struggle and resistance to reach a democratic Syria in which we protect the rights of our people.