After concluding its deal with Turkey, Russia calls for implementation of resolution 2401

 After concluding its deal with Turkey, Russia calls for implementation of resolution 2401
23 March 2018   10:08

NEWS DESK -After Russia concluded its deal with Turkey to control the eastern al-Ghouta in return for allowing Turkey to occupy Afrin, despite a Security Council decision to stop the firing in Syria for a month, Moscow has now called for a cease-fire.

in February 18, the regime launched a large military operation with the support of Russian aviation in the eastern al-Ghouta. Many of the parties accused Russian aviation of committing massacres against civilians in al-Ghouta, which killed more than 1,100 civilians and wounded thousands.

In parallel with the Russian bombardment of al-Ghouta, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continued their aggression against Afrin and killed civilians. Turkish aggression killed more than 350 people, injured more than a thousand and displaced more than 300,000 civilians.

Russian attacks on the eastern al-Ghouta and the Turkish aggression on Afrin came within the framework of an agreement between the two countries. Although the UN Security Council on February 24 approved a one-month truce in Syria, Turkey and Russia did not comply with the resolution.

After Russia and Turkey completed their deal, the Director of the Information and Publications Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Artiyom Kojin, confirmed that Moscow calls on all parties to comply with Resolution 2401 on Syria and to make efforts to strengthen the ceasefire system.

Kojin said "We intend to continue efforts to implement UN Resolution 2401 aimed at strengthening the ceasefire system and improving the humanitarian situation on the land of Syria in order to fight terrorism firmly, and we call upon all parties to contribute to that."