Erdogan admits to disagree with Washington on "buffer zone"

The Turkish President Recep Teyyip Erdogan has admitted that there is a dispute with the United States over his efforts to establish what he calls a "buffer zone" in northern Syria.


The Turkish President Recep Teyyip Erdogan said at the weekly AKP meeting, "There is no satisfactory plan with the United States regarding the establishment of the buffer zone in northern Syria."

The Turkish state's officials stepped up their tours and moves which failed as all international and regional forces rejected the Turkish proposal to establish the so-called buffer zone in northern Syria.

The Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Abo al-Gheith declared during the ministerial meeting with the European countries on Monday that they rejected the establishment of the buffer zone in Syria.

What increased Turkey's disarray is the Russian refusal of this plan. During the visit of the Turkish president to Russia and his meeting with Putin, he did not succeed in persuading the latter, but the meeting turned to Russia's rebuke to Turkey for delaying the implementation of the Idlib agreement.

As for the United States and according to the US newspapers, it seeks to establish a buffer zone aims at preventing the war between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Turkish army.



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