Ahmed Aboul Gheit: Turkey poses a serious threat to Arab national security

The Secretary-General of the Arab States League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, considered that Turkey's threats to send forces to Libya threatened the Arab national security.

The comments of the Secretary-General of the Arab States League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, came in a speech delivered on Wednesday, in front of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Researches, in which he discussed the issue of the return of the Syrian regime to the Arab States League, which included 22 countries.

Where Aboul Gheit said during his speech, “Iran, Turkey and Israel, each of them poses an imminent risk to the Arab national security in different ways and to various degrees, although there are intersections between each of them. The Iranian and Turkish threats intersect on Syrian soil and the Turkish threat is stark in Libya.”

Aboul Gheit added, “On the international stage, we see signs of change in Chinese-American relations, and we also see it in the new role that Russia is drawing for itself. There is no doubt that these unresolved changes at the top of the international system put our Arab region in a difficult position as it finds itself in an international competition, which will escalate in the future. This is what we clearly see today.”

Ahmed indicated, “Iran's behavior and the attacks it carried out in the Persian Gulf, especially last summer, can be seen today from the Turkish side in Syria, and then more recently in Libya.”

Ahmed Aboul Gheit has condemned twice, this month, the increasing role of Iran and Turkey in the affairs of Arab countries (in mid-December) at the World Youth Forum in Egypt, when he said, “The absence of strong national states has aroused the attractiveness of the surrounding non-Arab countries.”



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