"Genocide..." Turkey's first occupation objective to liquidate Afrin issue

Afrin City has been occupying for 7 years, having been destroyed by Turkish occupation and its gangs, practicing horrible crimes against natural and social structure by adapting plan" annihilation. "So, where has Afrin reached during the last year of crimes?

"Genocide..." Turkey's first occupation objective to liquidate Afrin issue
"Genocide..." Turkey's first occupation objective to liquidate Afrin issue
"Genocide..." Turkey's first occupation objective to liquidate Afrin issue
"Genocide..." Turkey's first occupation objective to liquidate Afrin issue
"Genocide..." Turkey's first occupation objective to liquidate Afrin issue
"Genocide..." Turkey's first occupation objective to liquidate Afrin issue
"Genocide..." Turkey's first occupation objective to liquidate Afrin issue
"Genocide..." Turkey's first occupation objective to liquidate Afrin issue
19 March 2024   05:44

Myriad crimes committed against Afrin residents by Turkish occupation army and its gangs, taking revenge from the people who preferred to resist the occupation during 58 days of the resistance.

Many human rights activists closely familiar with the situation in occupied Afrin, stressing that the absence of international accountability and negligence of the Turkish occupation atrocities allowed committing genocide. Continuing impunity, Turkey's occupation and its gangs year after year have encouraged the perpetuation of crimes against the remaining or abandoned neighbourhoods of those occupied areas aimed at changing the demographic of the region forever. 

Shocking numbers in 2023

Based on what was reported by the Human Rights Organization - Afrin, regarding the toll of 2023 alone, more than “16 cases of direct killing of civilians” and “369 cases of kidnapping, including 39 women and 6 children,” were documented.

More than 17,700 trees were cut down, in addition to 137 cases of illegal sale of real estate, displacement of their original owners, and 59 cases of severe beatings of civilians, especially the elderly.

As for the file of internal fighting and the loss of security in the occupied territories, the clashes between mercenaries in the last year alone caused the death of “6” people, in addition to dozens of injuries, in addition to 10 explosions with multiple forms of mines and explosive devices that caused the death of dozens and the injury of a large number. last.

As part of the demographic change, “4” settlements were built, namely, “Ajnadin Palestine Settlement, Qatari Village Settlement (2), Basma Settlement, and Umm Tuba Palestine Settlement,” and many religious schools, the last of which was in Rajo district under the supervision of the Pakistani Ceylon Association, in addition to Opening of a cultural center affiliated with the Yunus Emra Center in the Mahmoudiyah neighborhood (Sinaa School).

Crimes don't stop

As for the statistics of crimes committed in Afrin during two months of the year 2024 at the hands of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, it included all forms of kidnapping and assaults, torture and rape, human trafficking, sexual slavery, assassinations, forced disappearance at checkpoints, kidnappings, seizure of property, and others.

The killing of 8 Kurdish civilians was documented during the months (January and February) of the current year of 2024, in addition to the kidnapping of more than 80 Afrinians who remained there, including 11 women and 8 children.

In parallel, the Turkish occupation mercenaries cut down more than 2,400 trees, both forest and fruitful, and returned their ownership to the people of the city with the aim of selling them in the form of timber, which contributed to increasing the rate of destruction of the city’s nature.

Within the framework of demographic change, two new settlements were built in 2024:

1- Al-Salam Village in the jungles of Qatma village, under the supervision of the Orange Organization.

2- Deniz Fanari village in Mazar Qazqli in Janders, under the supervision of the Manarat al-Bahr Organization,

And work to complete the construction of two settlements in the city’s countryside:

A settlement in the village of Kafr Safra under the supervision of the Turkish Gezi Dastec Organization.

A settlement in the village of Kafr Rum under the supervision of the Turkish Helping Hand Organization.

Attempts to kill minors

On the other hand, the remaining Kurds in occupied Afrin suffer from repeated attacks by mercenaries against their minor children, which were repeated frequently during the year 2024, indicating the policy of extermination being pursued.

On 2/25/2024, the Kurdish student Shiyar Ibrahim Omar from the village of “Qantara” was stabbed with sharp objects by 5 students, sons of mercenary settlers in the Mobata district.

On 3/13/2024, the mercenary settler Yamen Ibrahim from the Idlib countryside killed the minor Kurdish boy, Ahmed Khaled Mamo, 16 years old, with premeditation, design and planning, and threw him into a water well on the road to the village of Tal Salur.

In another attempt by the mercenaries, masked men stabbed the minor, Rudy Muhammad Jaqal, 16 years old, from the Janders district and residing in the occupied city of Afrin, near Afrin Hospital. As a result, he remains bedridden in his home until now. This crime came days after the killing of the minor boy, “Ahmed Mamo ".

International reports

In its latest report, issued on March 11, 2024, as well as the Human Rights Watch report dated February 29, 2024, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria confirmed the continuation of kidnappings and detention by mercenaries of the “Turkish occupation army brigades” in Afrin, and those interviewed by the commission narrated their continued exposure to... They were subjected to beatings, torture and ill-treatment in many detention centres, and in some cases detainees were beaten and tortured during interrogation.

The committee also continued to document cases of rape and other forms of sexual violence committed by mercenary members of the Turkish occupation army, including children, as well as confiscating property, preventing access to it, and threatening them with kidnapping and arrest if they demanded its return.

Recommendations to stop crimes

In this regard, the Human Rights Organization - Afrin commented on the two reports, pointing out that the attack on those remaining in Afrin has become as if it does not concern anyone and that these citizens have no value.

Emphasizing that the concerned parties do not bear responsibility for the areas occupied by Turkey in Syria, including Afrin, as they did not take any real measures to ensure the protection of citizens, which contributed to unleashing mercenaries to commit more crimes.

It recommended that the United Nations stop ignoring and ignoring the situation in Afrin and the rest of the Syrian regions occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries.

In addition to stopping politicizing the reality of the daily crimes that citizens are exposed to throughout northern Syria, by denying them and turning a blind eye to them, with the aim of evading the description of Turkey as an occupying force.

Providing a comprehensive and accurate briefing that addresses the role of all foreign/external states intervening in the Syrian crisis, and its impact on the deteriorating state of compliance with international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Human rights activists had previously confirmed to our agency that the crimes documented in the occupied city of Afrin against citizens constitute only 30% of the total crimes committed there.