Egyptian writer: Leader Ocalan’s thought represents salvation for Mid-east peoples

Egyptian writer Islam Deif confirmed that what distinguishes the thought of leader Abdullah Ocalan is his representation of all peoples on the basis of a democratic nation, which believes in the leadership of women and youth in society, considering that this thought has proven its correctness and its ability to solve the crises of the region through the success of the experience of North and East Syria.

Egyptian writer: Leader Ocalan’s thought represents salvation for Mid-east peoples
20 November 2023   04:30

Egyptian writer Islam Deif, during his speech to ANHA agency, paid tribute to the resistance of the people of North and East Syria in the face of the ongoing attacks of the Turkish occupation army, especially the woman who has become an example of struggle and sacrifice.

Egyptian writer Islam Deif believes that the Turkish occupation army’s ongoing attacks on the region are attacks that do not stop in light of the international community and international institutions remaining silent and idly watching these crimes, which is an implicit approval of the infringement on the freedom of peoples.

Islam Deif called on all peoples who yearn for freedom to show solidarity with the peoples in North and East Syria and the people in Gaza who have been subjected to massacres over the past years.

He explained, "The international conspiracy is never separate from what is happening in the Middle East. Rather, it is a reflection of what happened at the beginning of this conspiracy, because the goal of this conspiracy was to wipe out the Kurdistan Freedom Movement by kidnapping the person of leader Abdullah Ocalan."

Islam points out that “what distinguishes the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and its declared revolution from the rest of the Kurdish revolutions is the presentation of a non-nationalist project that serves all peoples on the basis of pluralism and access to a democratic nation, which is considered the ideal solution to liberate the peoples of the Middle East in general, something that the imperialist powers found to be a dangerous project.” "It threatens its continued dominance, so it resorted to kidnapping the leader to thwart the project."

Egyptian writer Islam Deif also praised Leader Abdullah Ocalan for giving youth and women a large role in the formation and management of society in general, stressing that the leader’s thought bore fruit in confronting and defeating ISIS mercenaries, in addition to confronting mercenaries and fascist regimes.

At the end of his speech, he said, "We truly live in a Middle East that is exhausted and full of events. There are fascist forces conspiring in it, and on this basis we demand the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and reject the policies of the Turkish occupation state in imposing the imposed isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan."

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