Malaz Kurd: PKK fighters will hold the Turkish occupation state accountable, avenge the martyrs

The leader of the leadership of the People's Defense Center (NPG), Amed Malaz Kurd, confirmed that the PKK militants will hold the oppressive Turkish occupation state accountable and will avenge their martyrs.

Malaz Kurd: PKK fighters will hold the Turkish occupation state accountable, avenge the martyrs
19 November 2023   18:06

The statements of the leader of the People's Defense Center (NPG), Amed Malaz Kurd, came during an interview with Furat news agency (ANF) to assess the overall situation in the region.

Malaz Kurd's reviews stated:

At the beginning, I congratulate the anniversary of the founding of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party to Leader Ocalan, the Kurdish people, his friends, and the families of the martyrs, and I express my greetings and respect. For 24 years, our leader has been detained in the prison of the Turkish state, which claims to be a state of law, but it holds our leader in prison without any guilt. If it were a state of law, it would have released our leader, but on the contrary, it enacts new laws against our leader, deepens isolation, creates obstacles to the leader’s ideas reaching the people, the movement, and the world, and prevents him from meeting with lawyers and family members. In the face of this brutal treatment of the Turkish state, it adopts Both our people and our movement are taking the lead in all arenas also for mass gatherings and events, and these are positive things, and in particular, the peoples who support the recent campaign launched by our friends, as mass gatherings are held in many countries of the world, and the Kurdish people in parts The four Kurdistan regions, Europe and the Middle East are participating in this campaign. In turn, I salute everyone who fights for the physical freedom of the leader and participates in these mass gatherings. I express my respect and wish them success. I am certain that this campaign will expand more and more.

The war between Israel and Palestine is now the talk of the world, as two armed forces are waging war, but civilians are being killed between them. The Palestinian people have been making sacrifices for many years, waging resistance and preserving their rights, and we see that the majority of children, women and the elderly are being killed in bombing operations on Gaza, and despite these brutal attacks, they do not give up their land, and of course, the people attached to their land and homeland make sacrifices in the face of these attacks, and share the pain, but I am certain that whoever will triumph in the end, will be those who do not give up their land, and therefore, there is a friendly relationship between the Palestinian people and the Kurds. Our movement has also made sacrifices for the Palestinian cause, and many dear comrades have been martyred. The Turkish state acts as if it adheres to the Palestinian cause, but this is not true. It is only carrying out propaganda. For example, there are mass demonstrations in many countries of the year for Palestine, as the ruling authority organized one mass gathering, but, that was also in order to calm public opinion.

For example, many countries boycotted Israel, severed its military and political relations, and withdrew its representatives. Any military relations were severed by the Turkish state, and any political representatives they withdrew to take a position, and even Israel itself withdrew its citizens and diplomats, but the Turkish state has not yet taken any practical steps in this regard, it only talks about the Palestinian issue, but it is working to strengthen its relations with Israel more and more. Whenever Erdogan puts the Palestinian issue on the agenda, he strengthens his relations with Israel, and Israel attacks the Palestinian people, and it has been this way since The past, as Erdogan always repeats in the loyalist media that he stands with the oppressed, but he does not consider what he says about the Kurdish people. In my opinion, when Erdogan speaks about the Palestinian people, the free press should broadcast that speech and also publish his speeches alongside him. About the Kurdish people, or when talking about what the Israeli state is committing in Gaza, let them publish the video of the brutal atrocities committed by the Turkish state against the Kurdish people in Northern Kurdistan, since the AKP and MHP government and the Turkish state do not care about the people who were killed in Gaza.

The Turkish state is forcefully involved in all matters in order to be considered an interlocutor, and says that I must be a guarantor. If the Turkish state becomes a guarantor state, this resistance in Palestine will be eliminated, as the Turkish press always prepares the news with the saying that “it will happen.” Erdogan strongly,” but when one looks at its content, he does not find anything, as there is no position or even practical practice. No one anymore takes the Turkish state seriously, especially the United States of America and the European Union, because the goal of the Turkish state is to take the lead. The scene and to earn money at the expense of the blood of the oppressed Palestinian people, and Erdogan originally says in his speeches that the main thing is the interests of his country, and he expresses a position like this, as there is no big difference between the things that the Turkish state committed against the Kurdish people and the things that Israel committed. In the name of the Palestinians, in this war, those who are most likely to be killed are children, women, and the elderly. Whoever calls himself a human being, when he watches these graphic scenes, will feel pain. People in many countries of the world have united and expressed their dissatisfaction with this matter, as a result of the death of children and civilians, and this matter is also proof of the leader’s statements regarding peoples. Our leader has worked for many years to draw attention to his fellow peoples regarding the issues existing in the Middle East. The solution to these issues is the leader’s line.”

T/ Satt.