Hawar news agency plan 11-20-2023

Hawar news agency plan 11-20-2023
20 November 2023   02:00

Egyptian writer Islam Deif confirmed that what distinguishes the thought of leader Abdullah Ocalan is his representation of all peoples on the basis of a democratic nation, which believes in the leadership of women and youth in society, considering that this thought has proven its correctness and its ability to solve the crises of the region through the success of the experience of NE, Syria. (Video and photos attached).

The Turkish occupation state is still committing its crimes against civilians and journalists in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, despite a year having passed since it targeted our agency’s correspondent, Issam Abdullah, and his colleagues confirmed that they are continuing the approach of the martyrs in pursuing the search for the truth and protecting the values of society. (Video and photos attached).

Leader Ocalan's garden in the Tel Koçer district has become a destination for all segments of society, where lectures are organized in various fields, and those in charge of it are seeking to open a library that includes the leader's books and stories for children. (Video and photos attached).

Damascus government areas are witnessing increasing crises as the people suffer from a shortage of fuel with the advent of winter, and the majority of citizens are unable to secure diesel fuel, in conjunction with the rise in food prices, amid increasing indications of an almost complete collapse of government institutions.

The Women’s Committee in the city administration in the city of Manbij and the Child Protection Office are holding a festival on the occasion of International Children’s Day under the slogan “Our children are the buds of the future,” at the city’s Culture and Art Center, at 10:00 (video and photos attached).

The Child Protection Office in the Euphrates Region, under the auspices of the Women’s Authority in the Euphrates Region, is holding a celebration of Universal Children’s Day, under the slogan “Together to advance children’s rights to build a bright future,” in the Euphrates Hall in the city of Kobani at 10:00. (Video and photos attached).

The Democratic Union Party is organizing a mass meeting to discuss current developments, at the Culture and Arts Center in the Jal Agha district. 10:00 (video and photos attached).

The Council of the Zenobia Women’s Gathering in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor is organizing a lecture regarding violence against women, in the Eastern Region Council, at 10:00 (photos and video attached)

The Western Region Council in the Deir ez-Zor countryside joins a march in the town of Al-Kasra denouncing the isolation imposed on Leader Abdullah Ocalan, at 10:00 (photos and video attached)

The Martyrs' Families Council in Derik is organizing a memorial ceremony for the martyrs of the Taql Bakl massacre, at the Corniche Stadium in Derik, at 11:00 (video and photos attached).

The Young Women's Union in the city of Aleppo is organizing a march as part of the activities of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The gathering is in front of Seven Martyrs Square, located in the western part of the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, at 15:00 (photos and video attached).